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Border Security First
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"First and foremost, you've got to secure that border..."
Fox News -- March 1, 2015  
Walker: 'My view has changed' on immigration reform
    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a presumptive 2016 Republican presidential candidate, says he has changed his immigration stance and no longer backs comprehensive reform that would allow illegal immigrants to be penalized but remain in the country.
    “My view has changed,” Walker said in a “Fox News Sunday” interview taped Friday. “I'm flat out saying it.”
    Walker in 2013 said a plan in which illegal immigrants can become United States citizens by first paying penalties and enduring a waiting period “makes sense.”
    However, he is now saying such a plan is tantamount to amnesty, amid criticism that he has flip-flopped on that issue and others -- including right-to-work legislation in his home state.
    “I don't believe in amnesty,” said Walker, who finished second Saturday in the Conservative Political Action Conference's straw poll for potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates. “We need to secure the border. We ultimately need to put in place a system that works -- a legal immigration system that works.”
From transcript
WALLACE: The question was, can you envision a world where if these people paid a penalty, that they would have a path to citizenship? And you said, sure, that makes sense.
WALKER: I believe there's a way that you can do that. First and foremost, you've got to secure that border or none of these plans make any sense.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol    
My Dream Follow-On
WALLACE: What do you mean by border security --- when no one gets across?
WALKER: Congress has defined Operational Control of the border as the prevention of all unlawful entries. -- We need a metric that tells us how well the Border Patrol is doing in that regard and then set a specific goal to be met before any legislation can be discussed.
WALLACE: Wow, you must have seen Spencer's video.

March 2, 2015

Gov't Report: Open Border 'Reliable' Way for Criminals, Would-Be Terrorists to Enter USA 
Houston -- A DPS report leaked February 24th warns that “Deported criminal aliens too often exploit the porous border and return to Texas to commit additional crimes.” Spencer Golvach is a victim of one of those crimes. He was sitting at a stoplight when an illegal alien who had been deported four times between 2003 and 2010 randomly shot him. The calloused criminal then drove several miles and randomly shot Juan Garcia. He shot at another couple some miles up the road and was killed by a deputy who heard the gun shots.....

110,000 Illegals on California Roads with New Licenses 
The new California law AB 60, an attempt to license the roughly 1.5 million illegal aliens in the state, has already licensed 110,000 immigrants since going into effect in January. -- When a similar attempt was initially made in Nevada, the illegal residents failed the test 90% of the time. The ACLU attests that the failure rate can be due to the language barrier; Gloria Cruz of the San Diego ACLU told ABC 10 News that the need to apply online......

BizPac Review     
Shocking report: Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli planes to protect Iran 
In a report that's likely sending shockwaves through the region, Middle Eastern news agencies are picking up a Kuwaiti newspaper's report that President Obama actually threatened to shoot down Israeli war planes if they attacked Iran to stop its nuclear program. -- Al-Jarida, an independent newspaper owned by a former president of the Kuwaiti parliament, reported that the Israeli government had made plans to attack Iran because it suspected the Obama administration had reached an agreement with the ayatollahs, according to the Israeli news site Arutz Shiva......

March 1, 2015

White House gloats over GOP's DHS flop 
In a West Wing that couldn't be more cynical about House Republicans, Friday's Department of Homeland Security funding failure was a new low even they didn't expect. -- They're feeling pretty good about it. -- White House aides say their hopes for working with Republicans on legislation during President Barack Obama's last two years are now significantly diminished.....

Brenda Walker -- VDare.com       
Texas Report Finds Open Border Attracts Jihadists 
JIhadists may be bloodthirsty headchopper savages, but they aren't stupid, particularly regarding opportunities to smite the hated infidel. They are aware of America's open southern border and see it as an on-ramp to mass murder for Allah in the US. This fact is hardly news, although the media notice the national security threat of an open border only occasionally......

Rand Paul Wins CPAC's 2015 Straw Poll, Jeb Trails in Fifth Place at Eight Percent 
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), a likely 2016 GOP presidential candidate, thanked participants at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) for handing him a victory in the 2015 CPAC straw poll. -- “I am humbled by the enthusiastic support and encouragement I received this week at the Conservative Political Action Conference,” Paul said in a statement......

DPS REPORT: Mexican Drug Cartels are Texas' 'Most Significant' Threat
A Department of Public Safety (DPS) report states that Mexican drug cartels are among the “most significant” threats facing Texas. Mexican drug cartels continue to operate throughout Texas carrying out violent attacks throughout the state as well as controlling the flow of illegal aliens and drug trafficking, the report states......

Mark Levin: GOP Surrendered to Totalitarian Democratic Party 
After delivering an exhilarating speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), legal scholar and one of America's most listened to radio talk show hosts Mark Levin joined Breitbart News Saturday on Patriot radio. -- Levin explained that George Washington and the founding fathers wanted to make sure that the case against the British during the American Revolution was known across the entire world. .....

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report       
Breaking the Immigration System
They say the immigration system is broken. Wrong - the immigration system was broken --- deliberately. -- In 1986 President Reagan signed IRCA with the promise that the border would be secured. It wasn't. -- In 1994 the people of California passed Proposition 187 to stop using taxpayer money for illegal aliens. It was killed --- illegally. -- In 2006, Bush signed the Secure Fence Act to build 700 miles of double-layered border fence. -- Senator Hutchinson gave DHS the authority to kill it --- and it did. -- The powerful forces that worked to break our immigration system are now in the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives to finish the job.

Fox News        
Reports of possible deal on DHS funding reignites chatter about Boehner ouster 
Multiple reports that House Speaker John Boehner has cut a deal to pass a long-term funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security without ties to rolling back President Obama's executive action on immigration has reignited rumblings about a Boehner coup. -- The deal was purportedly struck as the House agreed late Friday night to fund the agency for seven days to avoid a partial shutdown......

Levin Fires Up CPAC: 'We Are Not a Nation of Immigrants, We Are a Nation of Citizens’ 
Saturday at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference, nationally syndicated conservative talk show host Mark Levin gave an rousing speech hitting on the topics of Obama’s executive overreach, immigration and the threat of ISIS. -- Levin opened by quoting the early American patriot, Thomas Paine saying, “These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”.....

Associated Press        
Congress OKs 1-week bill to keep Homeland Security open 
Bordering on dysfunction, Congress passed a one-week bill late Friday night to avert a partial shutdown of the Homeland Security Department, as leaders in both political parties quelled a revolt by House conservatives furious that the measure left President Barack Obama's immigration policy intact......

Fox News       
Colleges using coffers for financial aid to illegals stirs debate on immigration reform 
Several U.S. colleges are giving financial aid directly to students who are young illegal immigrants, extending the debate about helping people in the United States illegally at the expense of Americans who are in need of similar opportunities. -- Such opportunities have opened up since President Obama's 2012 executive action that deferred deportation to millions of young people brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents. However, they still are largely ineligible for state or federal student aid......

San Bernardino County Sun        
Illegal immigration protesters picket at San Bernardino City Hall 
As a deadline loomed Friday for Department of Homeland Security funding, a coalition of anti-illegal immigration groups took to City Hall in protest of President Barack Obama’s executive order providing amnesty for millions of undocumented immigrants. -- Dozens of protesters from such local groups as We the People Rising and the Mountain View Republicans Club in Claremont, as well as the Redlands Tea Party Patriots, waved signs at passing motorists, chanting, “Americans first, close our borders!” and “Hey hey, ho ho, Obama’s gotta go!”.....

Daily Caller    
Pelosi Slams 'Toxic Anti-Immigrant’ House Republicans 
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi came out swinging at House Republicans on Friday for pushing a vote on a bill that will fund the Department of Homeland Security for the next three weeks. -- Speaking to reporters Friday morning, Pelosi reiterated Democratic support for a vote to fund DHS for the entire year and called the House GOP’s recalcitrance “a staggering failure of leadership that will prolong this manufactured crisis of theirs and endanger the security of the American people.”.....

Report: Jeb Bush Attempting to Rig CPAC Straw Poll with Bused in Supporters 
Perhaps in fear that he didn’t have enough backers willing to show up on their own, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s campaign organized to bus supporters to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to cheer during his appearance on stage and vote for him in the straw poll......

Pedro Gonzales -- American Thinker         
Which Republican presidential candidates support amnesty?
Ted Cruz is the only major candidate who has never supported or endorsed amnesty 
Which Republican presidential candidates support amnesty? I have analyzed all the major Republican presidential candidates (except Ben Carson and Rick Sanctorum, who are long shots, and Donald Trump, who has undocumented hair). I have found that all the major presidential candidates support amnesty for illegal aliens, except for one. Can you guess which one?.....

Grassley Presses DHS On Murder Suspect Allegedly Granted Amnesty 
Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is demanding answers from the Obama administration about how an individual with alleged gang ties and recently charged in the murder of several people --- including former “America’s Top Model” contestant Mirjana Puhar --- was granted deferred status......


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