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Boat patrols the Rio Grande River near McAllen, Texas
Associated Press -- November 25, 2015
IMMIGRATION: Number of unaccompanied children at border grows
Number of children caught illegally doubled from figures reported last October, despite expectations that cold weather and tighter security would slow influx
  Nearly 5,000 unaccompanied immigrant children were caught illegally crossing the US border with Mexico in October, almost double the number from October 2014, according to US Customs and Border Protection data.
    Also, in the figures released Tuesday, the number of family members crossing together nearly tripled from October 2014 --- from 2,162 to 6,029.
    Illegal immigration has become a major issue among Republicans in the US presidential race. Billionaire Donald Trump has called for mass deportations, which some of his rivals criticize as an impractical plan that would hand Democrats a talking point as they seek to appeal to Latino voters.
    The numbers spiked despite expectations of lower numbers due to the colder winter months coming, better enforcement along the border and efforts by Mexican authorities to stem the stream of Central American migrants to the US. Though tens of thousands of women and children from Central America were caught at the border in summer 2014, it had dropped by nearly half during the 2015 federal fiscal year that ended 30 September.

November 26, 2015
Happy Thanksgiving!

A Survey       
Immigration Letters From Around the Country  
President Obama wants to bring up to 250,000 more refugees to the United States, of which 210,000 are from Syria. As if we didn't already have enough illegal immigration problems, crime and mounting debt, he wants to further complicate these issues and won't listen to anyone. Our intelligence agencies have stated that there is no way to effectively screen out Islamic radicals. These same radicals have recently stated after Paris, we're next........

Fox News        
FOX News Poll: Trump's deportation plan -- smart, silly or wrong?
ust over half of American voters support Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's suggestion to deport the millions of immigrants who are in the country illegally. --Some 52 percent favor deporting illegal immigrants back to their home countries, while 40 percent are opposed, according to the latest Fox News national poll......

680,000 Green Cards Given to Immigrants of Muslim Countries
The United States has issued 680,000 green cards to immigrants of Muslim-majority countries, according to data from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). -- The green cards were issued within the last five years and will be reissued again in five years. Among the people who received green cards are individuals who entered the United States as refugees......

Rand Paul: Boston Bombers Were 'Coddled' Refugees, Still Attacked Us 
Presidential Candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) tells radio host Jeff Kuhner that we “coddled” the Boston bombers, “gave them free stuff” and they still “decided to attack us.” -- “The Boston bombers came here as refugees,” Paul said. “We coddled them, we gave them free stuff, we gave them free housing, and yet, they decided to attack us.”.....

Vetted: Sessions Lists 15 Refugees Revealed to Be Jihadis 
Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is out with a list of 12 vetted refugees who quickly joined jihad plots to attack the United States. -- He's spotlighting the refugees-turned-jihadis because he's trying to prod GOP leaders into halting Congress' normal practice of giving the president huge leeway to import foreign migrants and refugees into the United States......

November 25, 2015

London Daily Mail       
Residents at war with migrants in once quiet Swedish village 
A tranquil Swedish village is being torn apart by bitter tensions after the arrival of 20 refugee families, MailOnline can reveal. -- Tärnsjö, 150km north of Stockholm, has become a hotbed of resentment where migrant children as young as five need a police escort to get to school. -- Residents and newcomers have exchanged insults, thrown rocks and set fire to cars, leaving many on both sides scared to leave the safety of their homes......

Hillary Clinton In Boulder: Saying 'Illegal Immigrants' Was Poor Word Choice 
Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday her use of the term “illegal immigrants” was a “poor choice of words” and she pledged not to use it anymore, responding to criticism from immigration activists. -- The Democratic presidential candidate was asked about her use of the term to describe people who are in the U.S. illegally during a question-and-answer session on Facebook held by Telemundo......

November 24, 2015

In Minnesota and nationally, deportations dropped after release of Obama's new guidelines 
Anselmo Bermudez braced for deportation to his native Mexico for almost three years. -- Then earlier this year, immigration authorities dropped their bid to send him back. Yes, he had crossed the border without papers 17 years ago. But, his immigration attorney explained, he just isn't the kind of immigrant the U.S. government wants to deport......

Michael Cutler -- Daily Caller        
Syrian Refugees Cannot Be Vetted: However, Neither Can Aliens Who Cross Our Borders   
It is entirely understandable that there is great consternation about the obvious national security issues created by admitting aliens who claim to be refugees from Syria into the United States. The vetting process of such aliens is fatally flawed because our officials do not have access to databases or other sources of reliable information to ascertain the true identities and backgrounds of these foreign nationals......

RI Future        
Usual suspects demand driver's licenses for all, regardless of immigration status 
"In June of last year, when the candidates were running for governor, we got a promise from all the candidates, including Gina Raimondo, that she would sign an executive order granting driver's licenses to undocumented people in Rhode Island within the first year of office," said Juan Garcia, from the Comité de Inmigrantes en Acción......

Rush Limbaugh        
No, There's Not a Massive Exodus of Illegals   
Another See, I Told You So. Remember the news last week from the Pew Research Center claiming they had data saying that more Mexicans were leaving the country than arriving and that it was, therefore, nothing to worry about anymore? Illegal immigration, we have a net loss here, essentially, because, yes, while there are a certain number of Mexicans and others arriving across the southern border, more are leaving......

Latin Post         
Report: Border Patrol Checkpoints "Trap" Illegals in Rio Grande Valley   
More than 70 checkpoints the U.S. Border Patrol maintains, between 25 and 75 miles north of the border between the United States and Mexico, effectively limits the movements of thousands of undocumented immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley to a small area of southern Texas. -- Some 130,000 undocumented migrants live in two of the Rio Grande Valley's four counties......

November 23, 2015

"Refugees" immediately eligible for welfare, displacing seniors and the needy
Maine's huge number of refugees and asylum seekers are heavy welfare users and are putting significant economic strain on the state, the New England state's health commissioner said Monday. -- Speaking on “The Laura Ingraham Show,” Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew rejected an argument by a local media outlet that the state's Somali community could be Maine's savior......

WHSV -- Harrisonburg, VA        
Waynesboro Police Arrest Trio of Mexican Illegals Found with Firearm   
Waynesboro police arrested three illegal immigrants from Mexico Friday afternoon when they were stopped on a traffic stop with a semi-automatic handgun among them. -- Fidel Moreno Pina, 35, Israel Arista Vega, 34, and Javier Lopez Gomez, 35, all face a single felony count of possession of a firearm by a non-U.S. citizen in the county illegally......

Islamic State: 'The Threat to the United States': Law enforcement interdicts 82 ISIS affiliates within USA   
A Mclean, Virginia-based defense think-tank has published a prescient white-paper on the Islamic State terror group, which has been made available exclusively to Breitbart News prior to its release. -- The Threat Knowledge Group (TKG), headed by Katherine C. Gorka, its President, and Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the Chair of Military Theory at Marine Corps University and a Breitbart Contributor, released a comprehensive study Monday titled “ISIS: The Threat to the United States.”......

Daily Journal     
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, US Customs and Border Security chief to talk border security   
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and the head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection are among those set to testify about border drug trafficking at a field hearing of a U.S. Senate committee in Phoenix. -- Ducey is expected to outline his new efforts to use state police to beef up border security during Monday's Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing.......

A Survey       
Immigration Letters From Around the Country  
President Obama's commentary from Turkey was flaccid at best, which coordinates with his flaccid strategy to combat ISIS. I am not a proponent of an ill-conceived overreaction, but I would feel more comfortable if he had at least a bit more passion in his response – not to mention more teeth in his “strategy.” His political response has become increasingly transparent as well as frustrating.......

Illegals Surge Across the US Southern Border at Record Rate 
Illegal immigrants, specifically non-Mexican children, have been caught crossing the U.S. southern border at an alarming rate according to recent Border Patrol statistics. -- With nearly 5,000 unaccompanied children caught in October and almost 3,000 caught in the first half of November, The Washington Times reports that it signals how smuggling cartels and would-be illegal immigrants are paying close attention to the careless border enforcement in the U.S.......[Related item]

American Free Press       
Trump Explains Deportation Plan   
"12 million illegal immigrants, to send them back, 500,000 a month, is just not --- not possible.” That was former Florida Republican Governor Jeb Bush at the Fox Business-Wall Street Journal Republican Presidential Debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 10, stating that deporting illegal immigrants --- all of them --- would simply not be possible......

Limbaugh: Ben Carson not equipped to be president 
Front-running GOP candidate Dr. Ben Carson is “probably not” equipped right now to be president, according to talk-radio star Rush Limbaugh, but the top-rated host in America says he'd “absolutely” vote for the former neurosurgeon over Democrat Hillary Clinton. -- Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Limbaugh was asked by host Chris Wallace to comment on some of the major players in this election cycle's hunt for the White House......

November 22, 2015

Five Hispanic Teens Arrested for Rape of 17-Year-Old North Carolina Girl 
Five Hispanic teens were arrested and charged with rape after a 17-year-old North Carolina girl was found beaten and brutally raped in a field, authorities report. -- A resident of a Mint Hill apartment complex found the girl lying naked and unconscious in a field behind the building.......

Trump Corrects the Record: Media Proposed Muslim Database, Not Me 
Donald Trump corrected reports from the media suggesting that he actually wanted a government database for all Muslim Americans to be registered in order to stop terrorism. -- “I didn’t suggest a database --- a reporter did,” he wrote on Twitter moments ago. “We must defeat Islamic terrorism and have surveillance, including a watch list, to protect America.”......

Protesters rally outside of Governor's mansion, demand amnesty   
Austin -- Outside the Governor's mansion Saturday, protesters held a rally over resistance to expanding legal rights for undocumented immigrants who have children born in this country. -- The event began on Thursday, with the protesters beginning a ‘pilgrimage' at the Hutto Immigrant Detention Facility in Tyler, Texas, making their way to Austin the following day.......

London Daily Mail         
Usual suspects crash Christian GOP candidate forum in Iowa: 'I don't care about the law!'   
A quartet of immigration activists and a gaggle of animal rights protesters disrupted a Republican presidential candidate forum organized by an evangelical Christian group on Friday night in Iowa, shouting about deportations and 'violence' toward fish and turkeys. -- 'I feel like this is being conducted in Berkeley, California,' moderator Frank Luntz quipped as police escorted one agitator out.......

American Border Patrol        
ABP Aircraft Grounded
American Border Patrol has grounded its border patrol aircraft. Due to budget problems, ABP’s TU-206 and Challenger II have been grounded until funds can be raised to cover insurance costs.

November 21, 2015

Fiorina: U.S. Must 'Do Whatever Is Necessary' to Bar Terrorists from Entering the Nation   
GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina joined Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM with guest host Matthew Boyle where she said the United States must “do whatever is necessary to ensure that we do not have terrorists coming into this nation.”......

Jeb: Registering Muslims 'Just Wrong,' 'Abandonment of American Values'   
Friday on CNBC's “Squawk Box,” Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush reacted to his opponent Donald Trump suggesting a database to track Muslims in the Untied States would be appropriate by saying the comments are “just wrong.” -- Bush said, “You talk about internment, you talk about closing mosques, you talk about registering people, that's just wrong. I don't care about campaigns.......

Scholars Predict Supreme Court Will Spurn Obama on Amnesty Scheme 
Legal scholars and conservative groups Friday slammed the Obama administration's appeal to the Supreme Court on last year's executive order to shield as many as 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation, with a University of California law professor predicting that the justices would beat back the president's "misreading of his powers" and remand the issue to Congress.......

Following 'Show Vote,' House Republicans Warn Ryan: Reject Obama's Refugee Funding Request   
Following Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan's “show-vote” on the nation's resettlement of Syrian refugees, House conservative lawmakers are demanding that Ryan take sincere action by denying the President funds to refugee resettlement in the year-end funding bill.......

November 20, 2015

Majority of Americans Feel Like 'Stranger in Own Country'   
A Super PAC tied to Ohio Governor John Kasich is annnouncing a new multi-million dollar effort to torpedo Donald Trump's campaign for the Republican nomination. -- Trump's continued dominance of national and state-level polling has vexed the GOP establishment and pushed it to near-panic as voting nears.......

Donald Trump: Muslim Database Needed for Tracking Them in US   
Donald Trump said that as president, he would "absolutely" support efforts to track Muslims in the U.S. via a mandatory database system because, "It would stop people from coming in illegally." -- "I would certainly implement that. Absolutely," Trump told NBC News between campaign events Thursday in Newton, Iowa, according to The New York Times and a video posted on MSNBC.com.......

San Antonio Express-News        
Obama appeals immigration decision   
The Obama administration today appealed to the Supreme Court a judge's decision that halted the president's controversial deferred action plan. The appeal comes exactly one year after the program was announced. -- The administration appealed a ruling by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals that kept the government from implementing an expansion to deferred action, a program that gives work permits to some immigrants in the country illegally.......

Gohmert: Obama Fundamentally Transforming America By Ignoring Border 
"This President wanted to fundamentally transform America and he's been doing it. Unfortunately, he's been doing it by looking the other way at the border," Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) says.......

Rep. Mo Brooks: Defunding 'Insane' Syrian Refugee Program 'No-Brainer' 
Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) says America cannot be the “world's sugar daddy” and must defund the “insane” Syrian refugee resettlement program that will make America more vulnerable to terrorism. -- “The only way to solve this problem is to not do something, which we have the power to do, and the thing we should not do is fund this refugee program that right now... is costing American taxpayers a little over $4 billion.....”...

Gutiérrez: Refusing Syrian Refugees 'Despicable and Cowardly'   
Tuesday on the House floor, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) said turning away refugees fleeing violence in Syria is “despicable and cowardly and precisely the kind of reaction ISIS wanted.” -- Gutierrez said, “Candidates for president of the United States. politicians and pundits will be tempted to say whatever they can to get the news cameras pointed at them. The governor of Illinois, my home state, could not resist saying our state was closed to Syrians fleeing the terror of ISIS and the regime.......

A Survey       
Immigration Letters From Around the Country  
The American people need to decide once and for all if they want to get illegal immigration under control. Although most of the 11 million illegal aliens are ordinary people, some are members of crime gangs like MS-13, some are drug smugglers and some are members of terrorist groups (according to our government). Shouldn't we be able to decide who enters our country and, if they have a visa, be able to monitor how long they stay?.......

Washington Times        
Obama actions shield most illegals from deportation even as courts stall amnesty
President Obama's marquee deportation amnesty has been stalled by the courts, but the rest of his executive actions on immigration, announced exactly a year ago, are moving forward --- including his move protecting more than 80 percent of illegal immigrants from any danger of deportation.......

Pensacola News Journal      
Rubio still backs pathway to citizenship   
Despite all his tough-sounding rhetoric on immigration, Sen. Marco Rubio still supports a path to citizenship for the millions of people in the country illegally. -- That might seem surprising, given the Florida senator's recent comments on the need to invest heavily in border security, deport illegal immigrants who commit crimes, and end President Obama's executive order protecting immigrants brought into the U.S. illegally as children from deportation.......


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