Goldwater Barrier Construction Halted
Job Left Half Done
Top photo: Eastern limit of fence on March 22. -- Bottom photo: Eastern limit of fence on May 10.
American Border Patrol

Border Remains Wide Open

American Border Patrol reports that the vehicle barrier being constructed along the Mexican border and the Goldwater bombing range was halted on March 22, the day it ran its last"B.E.E.F" survey.

The top photo at left shows construction activity at the eastern end of the vehicle barrier on March 22. The bottom photo shows the eastern limit of the fence on May 10. It is clear from these photos that construction was halted on March 22, half-way across the area surveyed.

"Our March 22 survey showed that the entire 48 miles was criss-crossed by north-south vehicular traffic, most likely drug loads," said Glenn Spencer of ABP and pilot of both aerial surveys. "The idea that the government stopped even this puny attempt to protect its citizens is stunning," he added.

ABP warned that the Bollard-type fence being constructed along the border might easily be defeated by smugglers. During the May 10 survey ABP spotted what appeared to be the repair of the Bollard fence as if it had been tampered with.

ABP will issue a more complete report on the May 10 survey on Monday, May 14. Spencer says the report will show very little progress in controlling the border.