"Where's the Beef?"


American Border Patrol (ABP) is planning a multi-faceted project to assess progress in securing our borders. It will include direct measurements of illegal border crossings, indirect measures of cross-border traffic, documentation the installation of new border security systems, and demonstrations of technology as a crosscheck of the cost-effectiveness of government systems.

For the past four years ABP has led the way in the application of high-technology to the border problem. ABP developed ground sensors to detect border crossers. ABP was first to send live video of the border out over the Internet. ABP was first to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on the border. ABP was first to send live video out over the Internet from a manned aircraft.

ABP recently moved into a 100-acre border ranch adjacent to a major smuggling route.

Now ABP is going to apply this experience and capability to report to the American people how well our government is doing in controlling the border.

We call it "BEEF", or Border Enforcement Evaluation First, said Glenn Spencer, head of ABP. If the government says it's going to beef up the border, we are going to ask, "where's the beef?"

The information gathered in this project will be shared with the Congress and the people.

ABP is a 501 c (3) non-profit corporation. Its most recent financial statement was audited by a certified pubic accounting firm.

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