ABP Border Cam Helps Bust Drug Smugglers
Top two screen grabs show smugglers just after being spotted by Border Cam. Bottom photo shows ABP employee pointing to location of smugglers for Border Patrol agents.
Following three nights of spotting illegal aliens crossing the border, American Border Patrol's remotely operated Border Cam was instrumental in capturing smugglers as they brought large bundles of drugs into the U.S. in southeastern Arizona Wednesday night.
After spotting the smugglers ABP called the U.S. Border Patrol and directed them to the aliens. At one point an ABP employee met BP agents and pointed to the location of the smugglers.
All of the smugglers were apprehended and three large bundles were confiscated, according to the Border Patrol.
After four nights of operation, the ABP Border Cam has spotted a total of 36 illegal aliens and aided in this drug bust. This compares to the Texas Border Cam test that yielded ten arrests. The Texas test used twelve cameras and operated for twenty seven days with 220,000 volunteers.