End of America 
by John Stahl -- July 13, 2014
Not to put too fine a point on it, there really is a conspiracy to do away with the greatest nation that ever was, America. Actually, it is not really a conspiracy. With eyes wide shut, the Press and America and most of the conservatives have been duped, lulled, bewitched or have ignored the truth. 
   While there have been some of us who have long complained about NAFTA and the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) signed by G. W. Bush, we have been castigated by almost everyone, referred to as loonies, conspiracy nuts and worse. Even though we referred to actual documents. Even recalling what Presidente Vicente Fox in an interview with Lou Dobbs in 2007 was derided by our critics. They vilified any remark which would tend to expose the "conspiracy". 
   We finally have the "smoking gun". No less a luminary of the Bilderbergs, the Council on Foreign Relations, and others in the pantheon of the globalist elites than General Petraeus. In a report by The New American (http://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/north-america/item/18585-after-america-comes-north-america-gen-petraeus-boasts) , Petraeus briefly outlined the nefarious plans these elites have for you and me.
   Of course there are many other "proofs" like the interview of Henry Kissinger with Charlie Rose a few years ago, wherein Kissinger opined that unless the world adopts a One World Governance," the world will descend into chaos." 
    For the uninitiated, the plan goes much further: The Club of Rome concluded that a Ten Zone world, of which the North American Union is one, is necessary to form World Governance to save mankind from destroying itself.
    The more one looks, the worse it gets. We suggest that every reader begin his or her own journey of discovery so that you can be certain of the truth yourselves. If you want some pointers from time to time, let me know. I have tried to tell you the truth of the matter with facts.  Therefore, when you begin to look at this, you should be able to see that every President of these many years, with maybe the exception of Ronald Reagan, has been part of the progressive, globalist plan to eliminate nation states and replace it with a world government.
  Even the Catholic Church has capitulated. Every Pope from Pius XII onward has promoted a one world government. (Ask me for proofs if you cannot find it on your own). The various protestant denominations have come on board also. 
  Petraeus also repeats the call for "immigration reform". You might be interested to know that illegal immigration is a world wide problem. And the globalists repeat the same mantra all over the world: immigration reform and citizenship for the illegals. Even in emerging nations like Myanmar, Henry Kissinger told them to give their invaders citizenship! He did so with the implication that their World Bank and IMF funds would dry up. What in the world, you ask, does Kissinger care about the former British colony of Burma? The answer is simple: this is part of the one world governance agenda. 
   If borders are meaningless, then porous borders are the result. Furthermore, the indigenous people of any country would naturally not want to cede their sovereign nation to anyone. If the voters/citizens are diluted sufficiently, it follows that the native vote becomes less and less relevant and forceful.
    And so it is with America. The Republican and Democrat presidents and their parties are totally compromised by the same people. The only country in the world that could make a difference and deny them the opportunity for world governance is America. Therefore, it is imperative to destroy that nation. 
   There is a multi pronged approach. First, the NAFTA treaty, which was introduced by the Skull and Bones, Bilderberg George H. W. Bush. Since he couldn't get it done, they dumped Bush in favor of Clinton who used every bit of his political capital to push it through a Democrat controlled Congress. Although the NAFTA treaty nearly destroyed unionism in America and it were the unions who were responsible for Clinton's election, Clinton rammed it through with mainly Republican votes and a few Democrats whose arms Clinton twisted.
    Upon the election of the Skull and Bones G.W. Bush, the plan was sealed when G.W. signed the SPP. For those who don't know, the SPP is the vehicle for the destruction that Petraeus talks about. It has a number of things which guarantees our destruction: the internationally-controlled superhighway through our country, the merging of laws in the three countries, the porous border with Mexico and the eventual adoption of a new currency, which was almost immediately put on the back burner.
     Secondly, America had to be brought to its knees financially in order to finish us off. While there is much smoke to see and think about. The smoking gun, however, is a bit harder to determine. Circumstantial evidence seems to be the planned meltdown of the financial sector as a result of the wild lending sprees that Federal Reserve Chief, Alan Greenspan complained of and knew that financial meltdown was inevitable. Now, it appears that much is being done to eliminate United States dollar as the world's reserve currency.
    When I was in Myanmar last  year, I read Chinese newspapers (printed in English) where the Chinese promised to do just that. It is, however, Timothy Geithner's response to which I wish to call attention. Early in the Obama administration, at a G8 meeting, a reporter asked Geithner what he thought of the move by other nations to take the world off the dollar as a reserve currency. He quickly replied, "That's actually not a bad idea." Although he recanted the next day or so, the real feelings of this Globalist was revealed. 
   Goldman Sachs is part and parcel of the scheme, you see. G.W. Bush appointed Henry Merritt "HankPaulson, Jr. as his Secretary of Treasury. He used to be an international banker at Goldman Sachs. (http://content.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1877351_1877350_1877341,00.html). And Geithner worked for them as well.
     Goldman Sachs, Al Gore and Enron came up with global warming and carbon credits. The United Nations has always wanted its own armed forces and it will have it when they get control of carbon credits. The plan is to use this to eventually "buy" or "lease" the American armed forces services as a transitional method of forming their own. 
   The last thing to do was to "fundamentally transform" America. Obama's push for a national health care scheme would be the vehicle for making everyone dependent upon the state. As America fails financially, then most Americans will look to the Federal Government to bail us out.  Unable to do that, only a world government could provide the relief. By then America would be gone.
   Further exacerbating the problem is our neighbor, Mexico. As our Tea Party Immigration recently opined on its Facebook page (www.facebook.com/tpimmigrationcoalition)
"We maintain that Mexico is a failed state that has been taken over by Cartels. But we are certain that it doesn't stop there. We are equally certain that the Cartels mean to do to America what it has done to Mexico. To expand their empire into the United States is a goal that they have been pursuing for at least 14 years. 
What we are talking about is the multi-pronged attack that took place in Mexico: Political, military and economic. The means are the same: intimidation, murder, kidnap, bribery and, finally, the takeover of the political apparatus of America using their enormous wealth to do so. After all, we do know the power of money in Washington DC. 
First of all, as we have amply proven, Mexico is a virtual and existential threat to the safety and security of American Citizens. We are currently being kidnapped, murdered and robbed at an already alarming rate. The Cartels are behind this. We need our Armed Forces on the border. The Border Patrol has done as good a job as could have done given the shackles placed on it. But the threat posed is greater than the resources of the Border Patrol. Only the action of a military trained to successfully invade, takeover and return Mexico to a peaceful neighbor will suffice.
To not do so, will result in the loss of much more than the many thousands of lives the Cartels promise. We may even lose America. Oh wait, that is exactly what has already been planned by the globalist elite. 
We recently posted a revelation by Gen Petraeus that the plan to do away with America is right on schedule. 
God Bless us. God, save us, please."
    I could say a whole lot more. Please prove me wrong. But Petraeus statement, I think, says it all.
    One last thing. America is the only hope this world of ours has ever had. We are a completely different culture and nation than any nation in the history of the world. Making mistakes on the way and some are really bad, America has consistently led the way to freedom for billions of people. 
   In the entire history of mankind, freedom is but a blip of time in the past 7000 years or so. Imagine if there never had been an America. Where would the light of freedom have shone? To my mind, it could only have been on this continent, in this land at the right time. Where would the world be if there had been no America in WWI or WWII? If there were no America, we would all be speaking German, Russian or Chinese. 
    The lesson, the major lesson, of history is that the Barbarians are always at the Gate. Only eternal vigilance will suffice. Only  sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears will debar the enemy. Without the culture, without the nation and without the wonderful people of the Real America where will the world end up? 
     If the world survives the elimination of America, then it will be in a perpetual new dark age. After the fall of any great civilization, a dark age always follows. The last Dark Age of the western world lasted 1000 years. Most civilizations never return, having been nearly wiped from history. The Sumerian, Phoenician, Carthaginian, Khmer civilizations are examples.
With every ounce of courage, with every penny, with every drop of blood YOU must give to fight to save America for the sake of the world, your countrymen and your progeny. 
   It is no longer enough to vote. Both parties have been at the very least compromised. We have maybe, just maybe, one last chance in 2016 to elect a non aligned, non party candidate to the Presidency.  Even if you hate the person running, I think only someone who has the strength, the money and the independence can have a chance to save us.
I am sorry for awakening your fears. However, failing to do so is capitulation to the enemy of everything I and, hopefully you, believe in. 

John Stahl