Remember This?
How CNN twisted the truth
False -- made up - - fake

Glenn Spencer -- July 1, 2017

When I flew the border for Operation BEEF the one area that stood out in my mind was stretch of border just east of El Paso. I noticed that, for some reason, the government had left a rather large gap in the new fencing, right next to a Mexican border town.

See this -- and this.

Left in place was easily climbed chain link fencing.

On May 4, CNN’s Anderson Cooper attacked the Trump administration for falsely claiming it was replacing chain link fencing with a new “steel wall”.

Cooper said that chain link fencing was construction fencing and was never part of the border fence, that had really been a short steel fence.

CNN was totally wrong. The chain link fence had been in place along the border for nine years. It had been replaced with temporary chain link fence while the “steel wall” was being built.

As I explained on May 5, just about everything that CNN said was false --- made up --- fake.