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May 7, 2017

Arizona men granted patent
for new border technology

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American Border Patrol -- May 7. 2017
Radar, Sonar --- now Seidar
    Two Arizona men have been granted a patent for technology that could revolutionize border security. On April 18, Glenn Spencer of Hereford, and Mike King of St David, were awarded U.S. Patent 9265594 for a "Barrier detection system and method" that can detect anyone who comes within 500 feet of the border --- anywhere on the border. It can also tell the difference between people, vehicles and aircraft. It ignores other things like cows.
    Spencer said he and King have been working on the idea for more than ten years.
    "There is radar and there is sonar, now we have seidar --- seismic detection and ranging," Spencer said, explaining that the system acts like passive sonar, listening for seismic signals in the earth.
    Spencer explained that the use of ground sensors to detect people walking dates back to the Vietnam War, but this system is entirely different. “Instead of single sensor sending out a radio signal, we have a powerful computer that listens to five miles of sensors at the same time,” Spencer said. A person walking toward the line of sensors can be detected at more than 500 feet and tracked as the line is approached and crossed, Spencer said.
    The system, called SEIDARM for seismic detection and ranging mechanism, has been teamed with a small drone that is launched to investigate when an alarm is sounded. “Theoretically, we could provide the U.S. Border Patrol with images of intruders within two minutes of detection,” Spencer said. He said this could be done anywhere on the entire 2,000-mile border with Mexico.
    The system is buried and solar-powered and can be installed on the entire border at a fraction of the cost of a fence, or wall, according to Spencer.