Past Features

November 21, 2016

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol   
Rushing to Beat the Clock?
    When I read in my local paper that Customs and Border Protection was planning to put a 160-foot camera tower on Montezuma Pass I knew I had my work cut out for me. After documenting one failed and scandalous CBP project after another, I had to take a close look at this one. I did --- and I was not surprised. This is not only dumb idea, it is probably breaking the law.
    As I carefully document in this YouTube video, the camera overlooks an area covered by a scrub oak forest and scoured with deep monsoon washes. It would be impossible to spot a determined smuggler or guide.
    Even if the camera system could spot border crossers --- they put it in the wrong place.
    Then, as reported in the Herald article, the National Park Service is helping to accelerate the project. Is this to get it funded and under way before President-elect Trump takes office?
    Are they rushing to beat the clock?
    Please watch this short video and take action --- now!