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October 19, 2016

Reason comes to the border
Christian Science Monitor sets a standard

Christian Science Monitor Online
Inside Trump's wall: Will it work?
Glenn Spencer   
"In a presidential election campaign unlike any in US history, Trump's Wall looms large. At this point it is merely a proposal, yet the very idea of it has split the American public, offended Mexico, alienated American Latinos, and drawn a razor-sharp contrast between Mr. Trump and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on the thorny issue of illegal immigration." --- Warren Richey
Thank you, Warren Richey
    It has been a long time in coming, but Warren Richey of the Christian Science Monitor has finally brought some sense to the border story. This comprehensive, objective review of the border fence (wall) situation was well done, and reflects the kind of professional reporting that is all-but-absent in today's hyped-up, agenda-driven media.
    Richey did the work. He went to the border and spent time in the real environment of the U.S. Border Patrol - and I was honored that he allowed me the time to dig into the arcane details of border enforcement.
    I was also honored that, after looking at the entire picture, he took my technology-based border solution seriously.
    Richey reports that some say Donald Trump's plan for a wall is a "dog whistle", but Trump understands that, when it comes to the border, Americans have been treated like dogs.
    There is much room for improvement in Trump's wall plan, but instead of attacking it as crazy, I hope the rest of the media will take Richey's lead and look at the border problem honestly and rationally.
    Thank you, Warren Richey.