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October 1, 2016

Border Accountability
How DHS avoids it

Slide from Glenn Spencer's 2013 talk at GovSec West -- Artful Dodger added.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol    
A test of objectivity
    I was recently interviewed by Warren Richey of the Christian Science Monitor. After receiving background material from me by email, he came to my ranch on Monday, Sept. 12th, and sat down as I went through part of a presentation I gave at a conference in Dallas, Texas, in 2013. (Here is a video of what I showed him.)
    Those who watch this video will understand that the main problem on the border is lack of accountability --- and that this is by design.
    For well over ten years the people who run DHS have fought any attempt to define border security in a way that can be objectively measured. (I call them the Artful Dodgers.)
    For the last thirteen years I have worked to find a way to measure border security. I found it and patented it. It is called SEIDARM. I explained this to Richey.
    I also told him that I believe that the power structure at DHS is so afraid of what I do that they have gone to great lengths to silence me --- and how I thought they did it.
    It has now been more than two weeks since that Sept.12th interview, so it shouldn't be long before a report is posted.
    I am waiting with great interest to see what a professional journalist, with the investigative resources of the Christian Science Monitor, will say --- having been given some basic facts, and well-founded suspicions, to go on. If my view of the situation is confirmed, and it should be, it will be explosive.
    This will be a test of the objectivity of the Christian Science Monitor.
PS -- O'Reilly reports that the White House is withholding evidence that 49 % of illegal border crossers people get past the Border Patrol --- or 330,000 --- not 77,000 as has been reported.