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September 29, 2016

The Airplane, The Donald and the Drone
Solution to border problem revealed!

Title of a new video -- The Airplane, the Donald and the Drone -- Glenn Spencer is flying the airplane

Glenn Spencer -- A Private Citizen    
What I was trying to do
    When they saw the photo on the front page of the Washington Post --- with my name in the first paragraph, most assumed I was promoting Donald Trump. Wrong. As the Post story reports, I put his name on my airplane to thank him for agreeing to come to the border to see a demonstration of technology that can solve the problem. As the Post explains, the Trump organization didn't show as promised, but I flew the airplane anyway --- and Mark Levy, a local photographer, took the shot.
    I have now produced a 6-minute video, The Airplane, the Donald and the Drone, that explains exactly what happened --- and why I was trying to get candidates to come to the border.
    Please take a look --- I am sure you will agree --- all candidates for federal office interested in securing the border should watch it.