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August 25, 2016

Border Enforcement?
Time to tell us what is really going on
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Operation Gotaway
    Americans are sick and tired of promises to secure the border. It is time they are shown proof.
    In 2015 the US Border Patrol apprehended 331,335 people who crossed the Mexico border illegally.
    In a recent report, DHS claimed that they either apprehend or turn back 81.01 percent of “illegal entrants.
    If so, 77,721 people got past the Border Patrol.
    Yet, the former governor of Arizona said the Border Patrol catches or turns back only one in four.
    If she is right, 994,005 people got past the Border Patrol. Quite a difference.
    American Border Patrol has shown that the apprehension rate used by the DHS is based on false assumptions.
s    Even so, do the American people think that allowing 77,000 people to get past our Border Patrol is acceptable?
    What if they found that it was more than 900,000?
    It is time to settle this question.
    For the past six years American Border Patrol has been testing a system that can count everyone who crosses the border illegally. We are preparing a plan to show exactly how this or similar technology can do this for the entire border --- no gaps. It will be called Operation Gotaway.
    By counting the number of people who cross the border --- or turn back to Mexico --- and subtracting apprehensions --- we will know the real "gotaway" rate.
    If we can count microbes under a rock on Mars, we can count people who cross our border.
    We will reveal the details in early September.
    Donald Trump should get behind this plan.