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March 5, 2016

Republican Leadership:
Throwing America Under The Bus
It Started With Dan Lungren

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- March 5, 2016  
Americans are going to vote
    I spent the past twenty-four years fighting for the rule of law --- not as a spectator, but as a full-time activist. I am one of the few remaining activist witnesses to the rape of California.
    I watched as California fought to save itself by passing Proposition 187 with the help of Gov. Pete Wilson. I documented what happened as Republicans threw America under the bus when Mexicans fought back --- It is called Courage and Capitulation in California. You can see it on YouTube here.
    Americans are mad because cowards like Dan Lungren, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John McCain and Mitt Romney looked the other way as we were being invaded by Mexico.
    I made another video, Conquest of Aztlan. Here are a few short clips: Clip 1 // Clip 2 // Clip 3 .
    The overwhelming evidence of the invasion of our country is totally ignored by the mainstream media, just as they ignored my map showing what the border fence really looks like.
    The media moguls believe in a North American Union and they hate walls and fences.
    Some say even Ted Cruz might favor such a plan.
    Mexico's finance minister said the North American Union prohibits the construction of Trump's wall.
    Donald Trump is winning because he means what he says --- most other Republican candidates are lying to us.
    People see with their own eyes what is happening to their country and they know Trump is telling the truth.
    Americans finally have someone to vote for --- and they are going to vote.