Past Features

December 29, 2016

Glenn Spencer    
True Situational Awareness
    In the May 24 hearing of Chairwoman Martha McSally's border subcommittee Acting U.S. Border Patrol Chief said situational awareness gets information "about what's going on in that area."
    By law, operational control of the border means the prevention of all unlawful entries --- it is the job of the Department of Homeland Security. Yet, time and time again during that May 24 hearing, Chairwoman McSally, who claimed to be a champion of operational control of the border, allowed witnesses to dodge the issue --- focusing instead on what they try to define as "situational awareness".
    What's going on in Chief Vitiello's "area" is people crossing the border illegally and it is his job to prevent it --- not just to know about it.
    True "situational awareness" is knowing how many people Chief Vitiello failed to prevent from crossing the border illegally.