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December 24, 2015

Thank you, General Washington
We will not allow Barack Hussein Obama
to destroy all that you fought for

National Patriot -- December 25, 2011  
Politics on Christmas? Yes... and for a VERY Good Reason
   If there is such a thing, and I fully believe there is, as divine providence, clearly it played a most important part in the events surrounding the founding of this nation.
    For those who wish to separate Christmas from the politics of the day, I am with you but, one must realize that without connecting the two, we may well not have a nation at all.
    When one thinks of Christmas, the true and first Christmas, one thinks of tiny Bethlehem. That's where it started. Bethlehem.
    So too, via divine providence, is Bethlehem a key to our nation's birth.
    Yes, it is a different Bethlehem than the one from the first Christmas but I ask you, is it coincidence? I rather doubt it as I don't believe in such things either in politics OR divine providence.
    The day was December 25th, Christmas day. The year was 1776...
    General Washington, whom was known by many of his men as “His Excellency” had been fighting a defensive war of revolution for many months. A war of revolution fought on the defensive, as Washington knew, was a losing effort and indeed, the Continental Army was losing.
    Washington and his troops were low, nearly absent of supplies and it was winter.
    Washington determined that the only proper course was an attack but, in order to do so, it must come as a surprise and plans would have been made, mostly, in secret with only those most trusted and most necessary, knowing of it.
     And so, in that manner, the plans were made and the target would be Trenton New Jersey. Trenton was, at the time, held by the Hessians who were fighting for the Crown.
    Failure would have meant, more than likely, the defeat of the Continental Army and the failure of the revolution. Washington must surely have realized this and he also must have known, the odds were against him.
    Slowly and quietly, on that December 25th, the word was spread through Washington's troops that they would make a most unlikely advance and they would make it that very night.