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December 22, 2015

Mexico's "Opportunity" -- To
Retake the Southwest

Unabashed Conquest of Aztlan

Obama employs Reconquista mantra: "They didn't cross the border, the border crossed them."
Kashua Luna -- -- December 16, 2015   
Migration One of Mexico's "Top Public Policy Priorities"
 Mexico's Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, made her first visit to Washington this week in her new capacity. She spoke publicly at an event hosted by the Migration Policy Institute and the Woodrow Wilson Center, focusing on migration --- an issue which she deemed as one of the "top public policy priorities" for Mexico.
    In her opening statement, Ruiz Massieu lamented that in some places migration had been met by "an irresponsible and dangerous narrative of xenophobia and exclusion that wrongly portrays immigrants as security concerns." She went on to state that these narratives are "unsustainable" and sell among some audiences due to misinformation on the effects of migration. She suggested the focus should be on the contributions that migrants make and not on their costs, emphasizing that we should "embrace migration as an opportunity." [...]
    As such, Ruiz Massieu noted Mexico has focused on three things: regional cooperation with the rest of Central America to improve conditions for migrants, better serving Mexican nationals in the United States, and better serving Mexican nationals returning to the country.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Testing Trump's Cojones
    Donald Trump has done a good job of exposing the problem of illegal immigration and our porous border. He says Mexicans are involved in many rapes in the U.S.
   He promises to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it.
    What Mr. Trump seems to avoid talking about is Mexico's goal of using migration as a means of regaining territory lost in the Mexican War.
Before he was elected the first time, I said that Barack Obama's backing of Mexican Reconquistas made him "the most dangerous person ever to have appeared on the American political stage.
    His actions as president to fight attempts to secure the border --- and legalize Mexican invaders --- confirm my worst fears.
    Fourteen years ago I produced a video called the Conquest of Aztlan --- and I stand by ever word.
    It would take real “cojones” to expose Mexico's goal of conquest and Obama's role in helping them.
    We shall see if The Donald meets this test.