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December 19, 2015

Surges to Near 40%
The Silent Majority Awakens?

Fox News -- December 19, 2015   
Fox News Poll: Trump jumps, Cruz climbs, Carson sinks in GOP race
    Donald Trump, a candidate even Republicans once considered a side show, increases his lead yet again in the nomination race, according to the latest Fox News national poll.
    The poll also finds Ted Cruz ticking up, Marco Rubio slipping, and Ben Carson dropping.
    Trump hits a high of 39 percent among Republican primary voters, up from 28 percent a month ago. The increase comes mainly from men, white evangelical Christians, and voters without a college degree --- and at the expense of Carson. [...]
    By wide margins, Trump is seen as the candidate most qualified to handle the economy (52 percent) and most effective against the Islamic extremist group ISIS (49 percent). Cruz comes in a distant second on both (13 percent economy, 17 percent ISIS) -- and no other candidate gets into double-digits.

Washington Post -- December 18, 2015
The huge immigration problem that Donald Trump's wall won't solve
    And it's not a problem Donald Trump's wall --- or any of the other heavy-on-security proposals --- are likely to solve.
    These immigrants --- unlike immigrants who have crossed illegally in the past --- are not dodging Border Patrol agents by tunneling under fences or making a dangerous journey on foot through uninhabited desert. The migrants have special legal status because they are not just here to work, but are fleeing turmoil at home, and they're actually seeking out men and women in uniform.
    "They're surrendering to the first Border Patrol agent they can find," said Marc Rosenblum, deputy director of the Migration Policy Institute's program on U.S. immigration. [...]
    To be sure, the candidates are aware of the problem. A document from Trump's campaign includes a paragraph on asylum, recommending changing the standards so that more claims are denied. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) calls for the summary dismissal of baseless claims and the immediate deportation of those who surrender to border enforcement in his proposal. Many immigrants do not appear for subsequent hearings after their initial interview, instead remaining in the United States illegally.