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December 15, 2015

Donald Dominates
Orly Taitz explains how he can "Close the Deal"

CNN -- December 14, 2015   
Donald Trump at 41% in new national poll
    Donald Trump has hit a new milestone in national polling, garnering 41% of the Republican vote in a new national poll.
    Trump is at 41% in a Monmouth University poll out Monday, holding a wide advantage over his GOP challengers. His support was up from 28% in October.
    In second was the rising Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, at 14%; followed by Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, at 10%. Ben Carson was at 9%, down 9 points from October, and all other candidates were in the low single digits.
    Cruz and Rubio both were up 4 points since October's poll, a shift within the poll's margin of sampling error.
    The candidates are heading into their next Republican debate on Tuesday in Las Vegas, hosted by CNN.
    Trump has led in nearly every national poll for months, though his solid lead in the key early state of Iowa is being threatened by Cruz --- who recently topped Trump in an Iowa poll out this weekend.
    Monmouth surveyed 385 Republican and Republican-leaning voters by telephone from December 10-13 for the poll, which has a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points
Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ    
Closing the Deal
How Trump can turn lemons into lemonade during tomorrow's debate
    There are a number of issues that seemingly represent a problem for Donald Trump. It seems he can turn them around to his advantage.
    First, the left attacked Trump stating that he does not give much importance to global warming. They now cite the latest conference for global warming in Paris. Well, Trump can turn this whole issue to his favor, make it a winning issue for him. US has the best and the highest standards for environmental protection. Cheap labor third world countries like China and India have the worst environmental record. Trump can and should assert that his intended policies of renegotiating free trade agreements and bringing jobs back to America will save the environment, will save our planet, as the jobs will come back from China, India and Mexico, where there is a lot of pollution to the US, where there is minimal pollution created by manufacturing. As such, Trump will not only end deficits, pay off the debt and create American jobs, he will also save the planet! Bravo Trump!