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December 14, 2015

Stop Drugs at the Border?
No, our government wants it kept open

Sixty Minutes, Sunday, December 13, 2015
CBS News -- December 13, 2015   
A New Direction On Drugs
Top drug official Michael Botticelli says the old war on drugs is all wrong, and wants to refocus the country's drug policy
    ...Today he oversees a $26 billion budget across 16 government agencies. Just over half of the money goes to drug enforcement.
    Scott Pelley: What do you say to those who argue, and there are many, that if you lock down the southern border, you solve the drug problem?
    Michael Botticelli: I think it's overly simplistic to say that any one single strategy is going to really change the focus and change the trajectory of drug use.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Our Children Are Being Sacrificed
    The evidence is overwhelming that our border is not being secured because of overarching political considerations. For example, in 2012 Customs and Border Protection recorded 223 ultralight incursions along the Mexico border.
    In 2013, I personally briefed the head of CBP's border technology office on a system that detects ultralights, but he wasn't interested --- and still isn't.
    In a recent report, Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson said existing ground sensors are next to useless.
    • Unattended Grounds Sensors (UGS) are subject to false alarms, such as animals triggering the alarm or sensor dysfunctions.
    • In Arizona, CBP intended to procure UGS with Imaging Sensors (IS); however, problems of inadequate bandwidth in its current radio frequencies arose during testing.
    • CBP will not procure UGS with IS technology until it resolves these issues
    American Border Patrol has tested this new technology, SEIDARM, and it solves the problems listed in Senator Johnson's report, but CBP still isn't interested.
    We have tested SEIDARM with new fancy drones like this one that can send video of intruders before they even get across the border --- but CBP still isn't interested.
    On October 6, the US Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent for this technology, but CBP still isn't interested.
    Finally, what was Sen. Johnson's top recommendation for border security?
    "Require adequate metrics to measure border security across all U.S. borders—land, air, and sea, with appropriate oversight and transparency."
    Maybe this is why CBP isn't interested in SEIDARM --- because it can provide metrics.
    Our government could stop drugs at the border but refuses to do so. Our children are being sacrificed on the alter of globalism.