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December 12, 2015

Breitbart London -- December 12, 2015
    ....In a damming article in The Sun last week, Rod Liddle criticised David Cameron and his lack of backbone when it comes to standing up to the parading Angela Merkel and her persistence in trying to persuade Turkey to become a full member of the EU. At a time when many nations around Europe want less EU dictatorship and a cut in immigration, Merkel seems to want even more.
    The truth is, Merkel, the EU and David Cameron are about to give the right of entry to 70 million Turks – as well as £3 billion! Why? Because Merkel says so. Liddle says:
".....70 million Turks! Why is it doing this Are they all mad? More like very, very, devious. Because the more people who come into the country, the more money the country generates. That keeps Chancellor George Osborne happy. But the amount of money we have per person --- known as GDP per capita --- reduces. So YOU have less, but the country, as a whole, has more, in the very short term. And of course, the richest people in the country benefit. Employers get to pay less in wages. And they get cheap nannies and au pairs and taxi cabs.”
    So the public have less in their pockets --- less money to buy food, less for beer and less to pay the rent. Many of those entering the job market can only find low paid work with a glut of foreign migrants forcing down wages. It just isn't sensible to have an open-door, unlimited mass immigration policy when we have 1.75 million unemployed in this country already.
    It's all about supply and demand. We should be focussing on getting the unemployed we already have in Britain --- regardless of where they are from --- housed, trained and into the work force with a decent wage. Then, when the time comes, we allow others entry into Britain to fill the necessary gaps.
    We can't cope with huge influxes at one time.