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December 10, 2015

Deutschland begeht Selbstmord?
A self-hating German? -- December 9, 2015
Angela Merkel clinches Time's 'Person of the Year'
'For asking more of her country than most politicians'
    ...Part of Merkel's draw for the Time deciders was her ability to withstand pressure from Trump over her open-door welcome to refugees from Syria.
    “The blowback [for her decision] has come fast and from all sides,” Time wrote, in its “Choice” piece. “Donald Trump called Merkel ‘insane' and called the refugees ‘one of the great Trojan horses.' German protesters called her a traitor, a whore; her allies warned of a popular revolt and her opponents warned of economic collapse and cultural suicide.”

"Police Warn of No-Go Zones in Germany," by Soeren Kern
    “There are districts where immigrant gangs are taking over entire metro trains for themselves. Native residents and business people are being intimidated and silenced… The reasons for this: the high rate of unemployment, the lack of job prospects for immigrants without qualifications for the German labor market and ethnic tensions among migrants.” --- Der Spiegel.
    “Every police commissioner and interior minister will deny it. But of course we know where we can go with the police car….[O]ur colleagues can no longer feel safe there in twos, and have to fear becoming the victim of a crime themselves. We know that these areas exist. Even worse: in these areas, crimes no longer result in charges. They are left to themselves. Only in the worst cases do we in the police learn anything about it. The power of the state is completely out of the picture.” --- Bernhard Witthaut, Chief Police Commissioner of Germany....