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December 7, 2015

Johnson Gets It
Homeland Security Chairman Sets
Border Metric as Top Priority

Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- December 7, 2015
    In his report on the border released a week ago, Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson has set measuring border security has his top priority (page 5).
"This report presents as recommendations the following reforms that the Chairman believes, with leadership and cooperation from both parties can be achieved this Congress:
    A. Require adequate metrics to measure border security across all U.S. borders --- land, air, and sea, with appropriate oversight and transparency."
    Drucker said it best: “If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.
    Open-borders liberals know this - that is why they have fought so hard to avoid accountability --- they don't want to improve border security.
    From page 84 of Chairman Johnson's report:
 "Earlier this year, the Chairman introduced a bill outlining important metrics DHS should utilize and provide to the public in order to fully define the security across our borders. This bill cleared the Committee on a bipartisan basis.
    However, a small group of Democrats are currently preventing this bill from proceeding, noting that it is not comprehensive immigration reform and therefore should not advance.”

    I am pleased that Chairman Johnson's top priority follows very closely the recommendation I made two years ago in Dallas, --- and I am not surprised that Democrat leaders stopped this very straight-forward effort at achieving border security accountability.
    Senator Ron Johnson gets it --- but do the American people?