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December 2, 2015

A Degenerate Gambler?
No, he is playing (for America) to lose.

Wayne Allyn Root -- -- December 2, 2015
Las Vegas Oddsmaker Names Obama "Worst Degenerate Gambler in History"
....Muslim immigrants in Europe don't accept western values or assimilate into their adopted countries, leaving them angry, homesick, violent, and heavily dependent on welfare and government handouts. Everyone loses.
    The story in America is not much different. Government statistics show 91% of recent Muslim immigrants are on food stamps.... 72% are on Medicaid.... 68% are on welfare.
    How about re-settlement costs? Sen. Jeff Sessions estimates the cost of re-settling just 10,000 Syrian refugees at $55 billion.
    So, the question is why? Why not limit immigration to immigrants who are self-sufficient. Why not let in only those who have a job waiting, or a special set of skills, or come with money in the bank, and no need for welfare or food stamps?
    What country already almost $19 trillion in debt welcomes thousands of new immigrants in desperate need of billions of dollars in welfare? As Donald Trump says, only a stupid country. [...]
    Oh and it's a fact those being imported are Muslim and mostly male. Check out the latest statistics. 132 Syrian refugees have been let into America since the Paris terror attack. All 132 are Muslim. Not one Christian. All 132 are Sunni. And a majority are males, mostly military age. This is without a doubt the stupidest bet ever.
    That makes Obama the worst degenerate gambler in the history of gambling.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
A Real Independence Day -- 2016   
    Barack Obama is out to destroy America as we know and love her because he blames us for all the world's ills. American's elected him twice. We are either a trusting, hopeful people --- or misguided and stupid.
    Are we really as ignorant as those people interviewed on Fox's Watter's World?
    Well, obviously some are --- but a lot of Americans are pretty smart and they are using the Internet to get the truth --- despite the mainstream media globalist propagandists.
    Will sufficient numbers 'get it' in time? Will they become Independent of the mainstream media?
    The last primary election is on June 14, 2016 --- just before American Border Patrol's ninth annual Flags Along the Border celebration.
    Let's hope we have real cause to celebrate Independence Day, 2016.