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November 30, 2015

Greek Island Hopping
Are the US and Canada the last defensible Western nations?
(And shouldn't we act like it?)

Greece has an extremely large number of islands... a loose grouping is off the west coast of Turkey - the Dodecanese -- See Larger Map
London Guardian -- November 29, 2015
Hiding in plain sight: inside the world of Turkey's people smugglers
    At Emre's boat shop in central Izmir, one of Turkey's main ports, you can't turn around without bumping into a pile of inflatable rubber boats. On this day there are 16 stacked in beige boxes, all numbered with the same inscrutable code, SK-800PLY, and all newly delivered from China. If Emre's maths is right, all of them will be discarded on a Greek beach within a couple of days. For Emre's shop is where you can buy boats that take refugees to Europe --- and where they are still being sold at a rate of nearly a dozen a day....
    European officials met with their Turkish counterparts on Sunday, in a bid to persuade Turkey to do more to stem Europe's greatest wave of mass migration since the second world war. Despite the worsening weather, another 125,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Greece from Turkey in November --- about four times as many as during the whole of 2014. And the biggest proportion probably passed through this quarter of Izmir.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
The New Pilgrims
    Unless borders are reestablished quickly, the geography of Europe, especially the Greek Islands close to Turkey, makes Germany almost indefensible. With the open borders policy of EU leaders, it is unlikely that borders will be secured any time soon.
    If Angela Merkel has decided to turn Germany into an Islamic state, should we now consider disaffected Germans as the new Pilgrims? What about disaffected Brits?
    The US and Canada may soon become the last defensible Western nations. The next president and Congress should rewrite our immigration laws to help save Western Civilization by giving preference to these new Pilgrims.