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November 22, 2015

Border Issue Top of List
Should we keep American Border Patrol on the job?

CNBC -- November 19, 2015
Terrorism and border security now the top election concerns
    After Friday's Paris attacks, the focus of the 2016 presidential campaign --- for the moment, anyway --- has seen an immediate shift, according to numbers from a digital marketing firm.
    Terrorism is now tops among Democrats, while the top issues for Republican voters are now border security and immigration, followed by terrorist groups. In fact, terrorism more than tripled as the "most important issue facing the U.S. today" among voters from both parties.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Give Us A Thought
    The American people need an independent look at the border. They need to know what the government is doing --- and why the border isn't secure. They need ideas for fixing the problem.
    Such an organization actually exists --- but, thanks to the liberal media --- most Americans have never heard of it. It is called American Border Patrol and it is the only organization of its kind in the nation. No one else even comes close.
    ABP has been working to solve the border problem for thirteen years. The first ten years are summarized here.
   ABP is a 501 c (3) non-profit. Our financials are available online.
    I have worked for no salary for ten years. We have no institutional supporters --- we rely totally on expensive direct-mail fund raising.
    Despite all of our accomplishments (that few know of) donations have fallen off and we are now literally struggling to keep the doors open.
    During this time of national crisis, please give us a thought --- and a donation.