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November 18, 2015

Border Security First?
Old issue raises its head again

New York Times -- November 17, 2015.
New Radio Ad Hammers Marco Rubio Over Immigration, on Ted Cruz's Behalf
    The newest “super PAC” supporting Senator Ted Cruz will run a radio commercial in Iowa excoriating Senator Marco Rubio by describing his work to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill in 2013 as an “amnesty scheme” and part of a pact with President Obama.
    The ad by Courageous Conservatives PAC will be broadcast on talk radio beginning Wednesday, according to the group's strategist, Rick Shaftan. It comes after a weeklong argument between Mr. Rubio, of Florida, and Mr. Cruz, of Texas, over which of them can credibly say he is tough on illegal immigration --- and it strikes directly at Mr. Rubio's biggest vulnerability in the Republican presidential primary.
    “When Marco Rubio teamed up with John McCain, Chuck Schumer and Bob Menendez to push his Gang of Eight amnesty scheme, he said he wanted to secure the border,” a narrator says in the 60-second commercial, linking Mr. Rubio with two Democrats and to Mr. McCain, a Republican who is nonetheless loathed by many hard-line conservatives.
    “But then Rubio voted against every border security amendment Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions proposed,” the narrator says. “Every one. It was part of the deal Rubio made with Obama: no amendments, even on border security.”

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Dancing Around the issue
    I saw the hole in Rubio's plan and proposed a solution.
    "My plan calls for the creation of a joint federal-state mechanism to determine when border security has been achieved -- just as described in the NY Times story. However, the Senator's plan says the border will be secure only before granting citizenship --- not before legalization. The border must be secured BEFORE any legalization!”
    I have been calling for border-security-first for nine years, and we are still dancing around the issue.