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October 31, 2015

a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority

"it is the sworn duty of all these officers to uphold the rule
of law and the policies that are derived from these laws."
NC Governor McCrory -- October 28, 2015
Governor McCrory Signs the Protect North Carolina Workers Act
    Greensboro -- Governor Pat McCrory signed the Protect North Carolina Workers Act (HB 318) into law today in the presence of a bipartisan group of sheriffs, community leaders and members of his Advisory Council on Hispanic and Latino Affairs. This legislation outlaws sanctuary cities, or cities with policies to limit law enforcement and other government employee assistance with federal immigration matters.
    “Today, North Carolina is standing up for the rule of law, which is central to North Carolina values and our country's values,” said Governor McCrory. “Public safety officials must have the flexibility and tools to investigate crimes and sanctuary city policies deprive law enforcement of those tools.”
    The Protect NC Workers Act ends the adoption of sanctuary city ordinances in North Carolina by prohibiting any city or county from having in effect any policy, ordinance, or procedure that would restrict the enforcement of federal immigration law.
    “When I go to other countries I go legally and adhere to the laws,” said Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes who hosted the governor at the county's sheriff's office. "Can we not, as the greatest nation in the world, expect others to do the same?”
    The legislation also forbids the use of consulate documents to determine a person's identity or residency for government and law enforcement purposes. Consulate documents can be unreliable and are vulnerable to fraud or forgery.

McCrory video -- a must watch
    This story includes a link to a video of McCrory's signing statement. It is a must-watch for all who want to stop the slide into anarchy in America.