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October 30, 2015

Breitbart -- October 29, 2015
    An American family visiting relatives in the Mexican border city of Camargo came under fire by Mexican soldiers who had been chasing a vehicle with suspected cartel gunmen. Camargo is immediately south of Rio Grande City, Texas.
     According to information provided to the AP by the Tamaulipas Attorney General's Office the 18-month-old U.S. toddler was struck in the back by a bullet fired by the military after the vehicle she was is got in between the soldiers and the gunmen.
    Guadalupe Salinas, who heads the Attorney Generals Office in Tamaulipas, said that another girl in the vehicle was grazed by the gunfire and that woman was struck by bullet and glass fragments.
    Authorities did not release the victims name but stated that they were in contact with them and that the children were being treated at a San Antonio, Texas, hospital.
    A local Texas TV station KRGV was able to speak with the mother Saida De La Torre who said they had gone from Rio Grande City in Texas to the town of Camargo in Mexico to visit relatives.
    According to the local news station, De La Torre went to run some errands in a black Dodge Nitro and apparently ended up driving along a road where the military was chasing a dark colored vehicle with suspected gunmen.