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October 28, 2015

Trump Slumps, Ryan Rises
Things are not looking good for America

Joseph Cotto -- GOPUSA -- October 28, 2015
No Sugarcoating Paul Ryan's History on Immigration
    Paul Ryan stands in the news once again. This time, attention is centered on his quest to become U.S. House Speaker. Two years ago, he stood somewhere else; with fellow congressman Luis Gutierrez at a Chicago rally.
    WBEZ reporter Alex Keefe wrote Ryan "stressed that changing the 'broken' immigration system goes along with quintessentially Republican ideals. He pointed to his own family's immigration from Ireland during the Great Famine."
    Gutierrez is one of the biggest supporters of illegal alien amnesty that Congress has ever known. Ryan teamed with Gutierrez to author amnesty legislation which, thank heavens, was never passed.
    This change ought not be surprising. Ryan has long been a member of the open borders crowd.
    During 1994, he decided to join the fray over California's Proposition 187. Unlike most Republicans, Ryan was on the opposing side. After the referendum found voter approval anyhow, he channeled his activism into a reliable voting record for the interests of mass immigration.
    In 2002, 2006, and 2009, he supported measures which would have legalized the residency of an incalculable number of illegal aliens. Can you imagine how this would have played out in the Great Recession?
    Back in the 1990s, Ryan was a member of what a Wired Magazine reporter called "the pro-immigration mafia." Aside from campaigning against 187, this group undermined Rep. Lamar Smith's efforts to establish practical immigration standards. Wired said Ryan was at the helm of an intra-congressional letter writing scheme designed to erode support for the plan.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Adios, America?
    I point to two documents. My letter in the Wall Street Journal of Sept. 1, 2000, and my report on about Ann Coulter missed in her book, "Adios, America."
    Republicans like Paul Ryan gave California to Mexico --- and they are now working on bequeathing the rest of it to whomever.
    Will the power elite prevail after all? Will it truly be, Adios, America?