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October 22, 2015

Scoop! Yuma Fence Works!
Fox News Only Seven Years Late

American Border Patrol showed impact of Yuma fence seven years ago.
Fox News -- October 22, 2015
'It works': Yuma's fence, manpower make border nearly impenetrable
 Yuma, Arizona -- When Americans think of a secure border, whether they know it or not, they see Yuma, Ariz., and the 20-foot high steel curtain separating it from Mexico.
    Beyond the imposing wall is 75 yards of flat, sandy, no man's land, monitored by cameras and sensors and agents in SUVs. If an illegal immigrant successfully runs that gauntlet, they face another tightly woven steel fence and a third cyclone fence topped by barbed wire.
    “It works,” said Border Patrol Agent Richard Withers. “This is the most secure area of the border. It is pretty hard for a guy to cross here. But they try.”
    It wasn't always this way. In 2005, Yuma was chaos. Pushed out of San Diego by Operation Gatekeeper in the late 1990s, drug and human smugglers targeted San Luis, a sleepy little border town just over the California state line south of Yuma.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Better Late Than Never
    American Border Patrol began reporting on the situation at Yuma in 2006, when we photographed the National Guard beginning to build new fencing.
    For nine years ABP has been flying the border and reporting on fence progress. In 2009, Our Operation BEEF produced a comprehensive map of the border fence from Brownsville, Texas, to San Diego, California.
    We first reported on the impact on apprehensions of the new fencing at Yuma in 2007 (the last time the Arizona Republic said anything nice about us).
    Unfortunately, Fox News hadn't read our report, because on May 2, 2009, Fox News reporter
William La Juenesse, claimed that reductions in apprehensions was due to a new radar system.
    In 2009, John Stossel, now a regular on Fox News, said "There is no evidence that the fence has reduced the number of illegals that cross.”
    After all these years it appears that Fox News has finally decided to tell the truth about the border fence. Could Donald Trump's success have anything to do with it?
    Oh well, better late than never.