Past Features

October 14, 2015

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- October 14, 2015
An Experiment at Home
    As part of its on-going job as America's Eyes on the Border, ABP has been looking at new border camera towers being installed by the Department of Homeland Security. Six of these towers, called Integrated Fixed Towers, have been installed near Nogales, Arizona. We are in the process of preparing a report on one these cameras, known as NGL 047.
    Of the three IFT cameras west of Nogales, NGL 047 seems to have the best chance of seeing smuggling/migrant activity --- especially along Arizona State Route 289. (We looked at the other two cameras earlier.)
    NGL 047 uses radar to detect movement in order to point its day/night cameras. We are asking the question: Would it be possible for people to use local vegetation to avoid detection by NGL 047?
    We think we know the answer, and we will be releasing our report next week. However, to aid us we are asking the public to do some research - an experiment at home. For those who know how to use Google Earth, we are asking that they use the street view of Google Earth to take screen grabs of what the vegetation looks like on SR 289 near NGL 047. For example, this view was taken looking west at point A on the graphic shown above.
    It appears from this image that there are plenty of places to hide from NGL 047 at this point along SR 289. To help focus your effort, this map shows where we think NGL 047 can actually see SR 289.
    Tells us what you find by sending your images to