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October 8, 2015

Migrant Crisis: EU considers faster deportations

Tens of thousands of migrants are still making their way north through Europe
BBC -- October 8, 2015
    Plans to speed up the deportation of failed asylum seekers are being discussed at a meeting of EU ministers in Luxembourg.
    The home affairs ministers are expected to approve measures including the detention of those who may abscond before they can be expelled.
    More pressure could also be brought to bear on many countries of origin to take people back.
    EU states are grappling with a huge influx of asylum seekers.
    More than 600,000 people have arrived in the EU so far this year, many fleeing war, poverty and persecution. Most refugees qualify for asylum under international law.
    But last year more than half a million non-EU migrants were found to be "illegally present" in the 28-nation bloc. Most were ordered to leave, but EU countries deported only about 40% of those listed for removal.
    BBC Europe correspondent Chris Morris says that after months of talks on how to redistribute tens of thousands of migrants, the EU is turning its attention to keeping unwanted migrants out and sending home those whose asylum applications are rejected.