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October 3, 2015

United States of Aztlan?
Obama Moves to Seal our Fate

Tancredo -- Breitbart -- October 2, 2015
White House Reveals End Game for Massive Immigration
    The Obama administration is launching a campaign to accelerate the conversion of millions of immigrants to citizenship. The nation's immigration agencies will spend big bucks on “outreach” activities and the Naturalization process will be streamlined.
    The goal is to add several million new citizens to the voter rolls by November 2016.
    If you think the Naturalization process is governed by law and long-established rules so we need not worry about shortcuts and wholesale fraud – wake up. This is the Obama Administration we are talking about. If you think immigration law enforcement was politicized, wait until you see what citizenship fraud looks like. It will become very politically incorrect to question any immigrant's right to vote.
    The fact that newly naturalized citizens routinely vote Democrat more than Republican by 3-to-1 is, no doubt, a pure coincidence and has nothing to do with the desire to “expedite” the creation of new citizens. [...]
    Obama's most radical goal has not been the transformation of our economy, our foreign policy, or our place in the world. Obama aims to transform what it means to be an American.
    Given the lack of resistance and absence of Republican leadership in opposition to those ideas, by the time those 50 million former immigrants cast a vote in 2065, it won't matter which party wins the election.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Cause of Death: Suicide
   Months before he was elected in 2008, I posted this on the American Patrol Website about candidate Barack Obama:
    Barack Obama is the most dangerous person ever to have appeared on the American political stage. His election to the presidency would mean national suicide.
    Unless the American People wake up and move to reverse the trend, in a few short years we will no longer be an independent nation. We will be run by third-world radicals who use the “Swing Vote” to open wide our southern border.
    We will have committed suicide on November 4, 2008.