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September 24, 2015

Fallen Angels
The City of Angels is a "Mexican City" -- in Decline

Broadway Ave in Los Angles in 1938 and 2009. Man is white coat and hat in top photo is a believed to be a street cleaner.
CNN -- September 23, 2015   
Los Angeles declares 'state of emergency' on homelessness
  The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday declared a state of emergency on homelessness, calling for $100 million to help address the growing crisis.
   The move, which was reported in a statement from the office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, was announced the same day the mayor unveiled his plans for moving people off the streets.
    "We all understand the urgency that this situation requires, and what is at stake," Garcetti said. "I applaud the Los Angeles City Council for their action today in earmarking a necessary initial investment that helps launch my comprehensive plan to tackle homelessness."
    Since the mayor took office two years ago, homelessness in Los Angeles has increased 12%, according to figures released by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
  I was born in Los Angeles when men wore coats and ties in public and women wore hats. To be on welfare or “on county” was a disgrace.
    No more.
Today, the With 13,681 employees, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) is the second largest local social services agency in the nation. The Department currently serves over 3.2 million residents and manages a budget of over $3.9 billion to provide benefits and services for families and individuals.
    Being on welfare is a now way of life in Los Angeles.
    When I attended pubic schools in Los Angeles, white enrollment was close to 70% --- today Hispanics account for 72.3% of LAUSD students.
    In 2014 only about 20% of Hispanics met the SAT College Readiness Benchmark, whereas whites and Asians averaged about 60%.
    What does this say for the future of Los Angeles?
    California has a huge underground economy based in Los Angeles.
    Is it surprising that citizens can't find work at a descent wage when millions will work for next to nothing and happily live in third-world conditions supported by the welfare state? Is it surprising that many cannot afford a roof over their heads?
    Barack Obama and the Democratic Party's program to legalize illegal aliens will draw even more to our country and more cities will begin to look like Los Angeles.