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September 23, 2015

History Repeats Itself -- But With a Twist
Obama helps Church expand in Western Hemisphere

The Examiner -- September 22, 2015   
Pope Francis arrives to the United States to direct criticism from the right
    As CNN reported on Tuesday, Pope Francis, perhaps the most left-wing pontiff in the history of the Catholic Church, has touched down in Washington for his first trip to the United States. His arrival comes on the heels of a visit to Cuba, a communist country that has oppressed people of faith for decades. The pope will not only be greeted by President Obama and large, adoring crowds but criticism by conservatives for his attacks on capitalism and even modern technology, such as air conditioning.
    Thomas Sowell, an economist, took the pope to task for blaming poverty and income inequality on capitalism. He noted the remarkable progress that Americans have enjoyed in the past century, because of capitalism and the advance of technology.
    “In 1900, only 3 percent of American homes had electric lights but more than 99 percent had them before the end of the century. Infant mortality rates were 165 per thousand in 1900 and 7 per thousand by 1997. By 2001, most Americans living below the official poverty line had central air conditioning, a motor vehicle, cable television with multiple TV sets, and other amenities.
    “A scholar specializing in the study of Latin America said that the official poverty level in the United States is the upper middle class in Mexico. The much criticized market economy of the United States has done far more for the poor than the ideology of the left.”
    George Will was even blunter in his assessment.

Conquest of the Cities of Gold [What's New?]
Cortez saw the power of the Aztec Empire; he saw Montezuma adorned with gold and precious stones, and he wondered how much more was hidden away elsewhere. Such power, he thought would surely be suited to his home country of Spain. It became his mission to convert Montezuma to Catholicism, to make Montezuma loyal to Spain, and to plunder the wealthy Aztec Empire.