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September 19, 2015

The Border and Billionaires
Buffet and Trump seek solutions

JD Hayworth interviews Glenn Spencer - September 18, 2015 -- Watch
Glenn Spencer - American Border Patrol -- September 19, 2015   
Getting at the real border issue
    Last evening I appeared on JD Hayworth's NewsMax TV Prime show to talk about a recent border news story in in which Howard Buffet, brother of Warren, talked about the need to define border security.
Sierra Vista Herald/Review -- September 16, 2015
    While some say the southern border has been secured and others don't, Howard Buffett said what is lacking is a concrete definition of “secured” when it comes to the international boundary with Mexico.
    “We must define what is a secured border,” he said Wednesday.
    I explained to JD that I had been working to define and measure border security for more than ten years.
    I told him that I had delivered a paper at a conference in Dallas two years ago, the title of which was “What is Border Security - and When Will We Know When We Have It?”.
     I went on to explain that I originally invented what became SEIDARM to count the number of people crossing the border between Ports of Entry.
    I finished by inviting Howard Buffet and Donald Trump to the border to see how border security can be defined - and measured - and how SEIDARM could tell Donald Trump if his fence was working.
    The invitation was extended to all presidential candidates.