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September 18, 2015

Drug Issue on the Campaign Trail
There is a near-term solution

New York Daily News -- September 17, 2015   
Carly Fiorina calls for drug policy reform after opening up about losing stepdaughter to addiction: ‘The war on drugs has failed'
    Carly Fiorina called for drug policy reform Thursday morning just hours after she opened up about losing her stepdaughter to addiction.
    “The war on drugs has failed. We need a different approach,” the GOP presidential hopeful said Thursday morning on CNN following the network's Wednesday night debate. “We have the highest incarceration rates in the world. Two-thirds of the people sitting in jail are there for non-violent, drug-related offenses. It's not working. We're not investing enough in this.”
    After Fiorina brought up her stepdaughter's death to drug abuse during the Wednesday night Republican debate, at least two audience members told her that they, too, lost children to addiction, she said.
    “There are millions of families who have gone through this or are going through this,” she said on CNN. “It is an epidemic.”

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
How to Stop Drugs From Crossing the Border
  Throughout the presidential debates just about everyone agreed that the border is not secure. Then they all agree that drug addiction is a serious problem. No one has connected the dots.
    Most serious drugs come across the border from Mexico. In fact, the Mexican drug war was started when we began to build a fence in 2006. Too bad we didn't finish the job.
    We could stop most drugs from crossing the border in less that six months. Here's how.
    Customs and Border Protection has an enormous array of resources for border enforcement. This includes a wide variety of fixed and rotary wind aircraft --- and drones. See this and this.
    CBP also has a system of cameras near the border --- some fixed and some mobile.
    The main problem is that these assets must know where to look, and existing sensors have limited range and capability and are not reliable. There is a system that solves these problems. it is called SEIDARM.
    My plan is to Install the SEIDARM detection system on the entire border. That would take about 60 days. Once in place SEIDARM would detect and locate anyone who crosses the border - even people flying ultralight aircraft - and vehicles where they shouldn't be. Customs and Border Patrol would then apply their resources to determine if the illegal border crossers are suspected of carrying drugs. If so, they would be interdicted and apprehended. Until the entire border is fully secured, drug interdiction would hold the highest priority.
    I think the American people would approve of this approach - if they knew about it. The job for the liberal media is to make sure they don't.

See SEIDARM in action -- Detecting and tracking
People Vehicles Aircraft