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September 17, 2015

The Real California Lesson
Zuckerberg (and Breitbart) Get it Wrong

Breitbart -- September 16, 2015   
Mark Zuckerberg fires warning shot at Donald Trump before debate
    Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is out with an attack ad targeting Donald Trump ahead of tonight's GOP debate through his immigration lobbying group
    In an ad entitled, “The Parable of Pete Wilson,” Zuckerberg's group lectures the Republican Party on the need to pass so-called “immigration reform,” which, in this context, means mass amnesty combined with more foreign workers on visas for big businesses. [...]
    The ad warns that Governor Pete Wilson's' 1994 pledge to crack down on illegal immigration permanently soured California Hispanic voters on the Republican Party. The group cites Proposition 187, a popular ballot initiative championed by Wilson which would have prevented illegal aliens from accessing public benefits paid for by taxpayers. Shortly after the initiative was passed overwhelmingly by California voters, a federal judge blocked it.
    “Wilson's attack upon Latinos had a very serious unintended consequence,” Zuckerberg's immigration ad says. “Inert Hispanic citizens woke up and became registered voters. Look at the numbers. Since then the share of California voters who are Latino has more than doubled, and not surprisingly, they are voting Democratic.”

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
The Truth About Proposition 187
    Pete Wilson was re-elected on the back of Proposition 187. When Gray Davis ran to replace Wilson, Republicans nominated Dan Lungren who ran away from Proposition 187 and lost the election. I explained what happened in my letter in the Wall Street Journal of Sept. 1, 2000.
    I also produced a video --- Courage and Capitulation in California --- that drills down into the issue.
    Had a Republican succeeded Gov. Wilson, Proposition 187 would have been the law in California and the illegal immigration problem would have been solved.
    How can I say this --- didn't the courts kill Proposition 187? No, Gray Davis did --- because he illegally stopped it from reaching the Supreme Court.
    Zuckerberg is wrong about Proposition 187 --- and so was Breitbart when it said: "Shortly after the initiative was passed overwhelmingly by California voters, a federal judge blocked it.”
    Gray Davis blocked Proposition 187, and Republicans were too cowardly to challenge him.