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September 14, 2015

New Virtual Fence -- Blind?
Integrated Fixed Towers a Boondoggle?

Graphic shows location of Integrated Fixed Towers near Nogales, AZ
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- September 14, 2015   
Integrated Fixed Towers - Investigation Called For
    An aerial survey of new camera towers near Nogales, Arizona, has led to serious questions about their effectiveness. The camera towers, called Integrated Fixed Towers, are part of a plan to install radar controlled cameras all along the Arizona/Mexico border.
    In its September 12 survey, ABP photographed IFTs NGL 046 and 049.
    Using Photoshop, both IFTs were placed such that the view facing Mexico could be seen within the local topography.
    As seen in these images, both IFT NGL 046 and IFT NGL 046 appear to have very limited viewsheds.
    While there may be other systems such as sensors that mitigate these issues, it is difficult to see how these expensive cameras can detect people who have crossed the border northbound who wish not to be seen.
    We encourage Congress and the Government Accountability Office to take a close look at these camera systems.