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September 10, 2015

Trump Backlash?
Will details help?

CNN -- September 9, 2015   
Ben Carson slams Trump's 'double whammy' immigration plan
    "It sounds really cool, you know, 'Let's just round them all up and send them back,'" Carson said. "People who say that have no idea what that would entail in terms of our legal system, the costs --- forget about it. Plus, where you gonna send them? It's just a double whammy."
Talking Points Memo
Arpaio To Trump: No, Not All Mexican Immigrants Are 'Rapists And Murderers'  
    Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio suggested that Donald Trump's remarks in June that immigrants from Mexico are "rapists" went too far in an interview with Jorge Ramos published on Fusion Wednesday.
    "I agree with him on one aspect, that we do have rapists and murderers coming across the border, but not everybody," Arpaio told Ramos.

Donald Trump Huddles With Jeff Sessions to Push Immigration Reform
Tom Tancredo: Trump 'Entirely' Wrong on Taking In Syrian Refugees
    Donald Trump is dead wrong saying the United States may need to shelter some of the Middle Eastern refugees now pouring into Europe, former Rep. Tom Tancredo tells Newsmax TV.
    "I disagree with him completely and entirely, and not only do we not have to take anybody in, the Europeans should not be doing it, either," Tancredo, a Colorado Republican, said Wednesday on "The Steve Malzberg Show.”

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Get Specfic
    Donald Trump has the attention of the American people on immigration, but there is a right way and a wrong way. Borders can be secured and walls (fences) do work, but good management practices call for a systematic approach.
    Many of the illegal aliens should really be sent home, and there is a humane and rational way to to do it that would help Mexico and the US --- but certainly not a military-style round-up.
    The European migration issue isn't as simple, but we certainly should not trust the Obama administration to decide who we should let in - and it shouldn't be very many.
    Donald Trump needs to reach out to people with experience dealing with these issue to come up with details.