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September 7, 2015

Obama: Working to destroy Western Civilization?
No doubt about it

Washington Post Editorial -- September 5, 2015   
What Obama botched in Libya
The Obama administration and its NATO allies bear responsibility for this mess because, having intervened to help rebels overthrow Gaddafi, they then swiftly exited without making a serious effort to help Libyans establish security and build a new political order.
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Obama's Middle East policy is reaching a crucial crossroads
Obama's half-hearted Syria policy --- which is now intertwined with his enitre Middle East strategy --- is being tested again.
Washington Post
Obama won't defend Western civilization
This is not trivial matter. It is the central dilemma of time: How do we defend Western civilization when the leader of the free world won't, and doesn't even like it all that much?
There's No Stopping a Mass Migration That Will Alter the World
What is happening in Europe now is similar to the large migration waves that occurred between the 4th and 11th centuries and reshaped the continent.