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September 3, 2015

Border Security Consensus
How to satisfy candidate's demands

Some of the talks Glenn Spencer has given on measuring border security.
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- September 3, 2015   
A Quick Review
Hillary, “we've got to secure our borders.”
Jeb Bush has advocated for border control first before dealing with anything else...
"Marco Rubio... now says the government must convince Americans the border is secure before taking those steps."
Fiorina lays out plan for border security; First we need to secure the border.
Walker: Border Security First: 'All the Other Questions.... Fall by the Side'
"I'm suggesting we do what we need to do to secure the border --- whatever that is," Carson said.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Defining Border Security
This issue of defining border security is laid out brilliantly in the Tampa Bay Times of August 23, 2015.
Carson: Most of the border is 'not under our control'
    So does that mean they aren't under control, as Carson said? Experts have told us before that there's no set definition for a secure border, and it's not fair to set the standard as a 100 percent border-crosser apprehension rate because then no part of the border would qualify. [...]
    But Coburn's report also said that "it is impossible to judge whether the border is secure" based on available data. There's no way to tell just how many crossings went undetected, the report said, and changes in apprehensions and economic and social factors in immigration made extrapolating overall security very difficult.
    I have been working to find a solution to the problem of assessing border security success since 2003.
    KVOA TV -- July 23, 2003: Glenn Spencer: "We're going to come up with an evaluation of how well the Border Patrol is doing, how many people are getting past them, and where is this happening."
    In 2013, I explained the problem in detail at GovSec West. (For those who wish to endure a long video I explain all of this in "What is Border Security and When Will We Know When We Have it?"

Measuring Border Security --- There is a Way
    In 2010 American Border Patrol began testing a system that was designed to count all border crossers. It was called IDENTISEIS and it was shown to members of the Arizona State Legislature on December 28, 2010.
    IDENTISIES, including drones that could identify individual border crossers, was shown to the public in August of 2012.
    Improvements in the system have greatly increased its capability, and IDENTISEIS is now called SEIDARM. A patent was issued in July, 2015.
    SEIDARM could be used to count everyone who crosses the border. It could be installed on the entire border in a matter of weeks at a fraction of the cost of a fence or wall.
    The only questions that wold remain are - what is an acceptable level? - and what is the best way of achieving that goal?
    Most, if not all candidates favor securing the border before anything else is done. All of them are invited to the border to see how this can be done.