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August 28, 2015

The price of ignorance

Left: Openings left in the border fence near McAllen for access to the Rio Grande River
Jeb Bush tells Florida crowd that a Trump wall would cut off access to the Rio Grande River
Breitbart -- August 26, 2015   
Jeb Bush: Border Wall 'Not Practical'
    ....“I went to McAllen, Texas, in Hidalgo County, last week and met with the Mayors, the County Judge, and the Sheriff, right out of central casting with a big mustache, and these are good salt of the earth people who are concerned about their community,” Bush stated during the rally attended by Breitbart Texas.
    He said these Democrat community leaders told him, “You can't build a wall and solve this problem in our part of the country. The terrain is too rugged, you'd have to keep American citizens on the other side of the wall, and you couldn't access the river, which is part of the economic driver of the community, it is an agricultural community, they need to have access to the water. And it's not a feasible to build a wall, but it is a simple solution.”

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
The Texas Border Levee Issue - Failure of the Media
    Texas has an extensive 500-mile Rio Grande levee system for flood control. As part of the Secure Fence Act of 1006, DHS planned to build fences atop part of the levee system.
    This fence included openings for ranchers and others to access the space between the levee and the river. Electric gates were designed to allow this access.
    As American Border Patrol learned from an aerial survey and ground visit on July 14, 2014, these gates were never installed.
    Had the media, including Fox News, reported on our findings, maybe Jeb Bush wouldn't have embarrassed himself.
    Finally, we have suggested an even better solution --- installation of SEIDARM along the entire levee system.
    SEIDARM would detect and county everyone who crosses the levee, and show where a fence is really needed.