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August 27, 2015

Importing Poverty Against Our Will
The people know it -- and so does Trump

Wendell Cox -- -- August 25, 2015   
California: "Land of Poverty"
    For decades, California's housing costs have been racing ahead of incomes, as counties and local governments have imposed restrictive land-use regulations that drove up the price of land and dwellings. This has been documented by both Dartmouth economist William A Fischel and the state Legislative Analyst's Office.
    Middle income households have been forced to accept lower standards of living while less fortunate have been driven into poverty by the high cost of housing.Housing costs have risen in some markets compared to others that the federal government now publishes alternative poverty estimates (the Supplemental Poverty Measure), because the official poverty measure used for decades does not capture the resulting differentials. The latest figures, for 2013, show California's housing cost adjusted poverty rate to be 23.4 percent, nearly half again as high as the national average of 15.9 percent.
    Back in the years when the nation had a “California Dream,” it would have been inconceivable for things to have gotten so bad --- particularly amidst what is widely hailed as a spectacular recovery. The 2013 data shows California to have the worst housing cost adjusted poverty rate among the 50 states and the District of Columbia. But it gets worse. California's poverty rate is now more than 50 percent higher than Mississippi, which long has set the standard for extreme poverty in the United States.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Has America Found a Voice?
  In 1992 Shirley Lertzman introduced me to Mark Tajima, an official with Los Angeles County. Mark had given Shirley a report on the cost of illegal immigration and I wanted to talk to him about it. After hearing what Mark had to say, I decided that Los Angeles County, and California were in serious trouble. My September, 1992 newsletter headline read: "L.A.'S NUMBER ONE IMPORT: POVERTY”.
    I carried “importing poverty” reports on my Web site ( for number of years until it got too monotonous.
    The evidence was there for anyone to see --- illegal immigration, amplified by anchor babies, was leading to massive poverty in California.
    I saw this coming twenty three years ago, but I wasn't alone. Americans saw what was happening, but had no voice that could be heard.
    Before I changed the name to the American Patrol Report, my grass roots groups was named Voice of Citizens Together.
    Donald Trump is now telling the people things they have known for decades --- and they are responding. Maybe he is the new “Voice of Citizens Together.”