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August 26, 2015

SEIDARM Makes the Washington Post
Liberal Reporter Breaks The Story

Left: Mike King (hat) explains border technology to David Weigel -- May 2, 2013 (photo by Glenn Spencer)
Right: Photo in Washington Post article by David Weigel -- August 25, 2015 (photo by Mark Levy)
Washington Post -- August 25, 2015   
How Donald Trump's name wound up on a plane flying over the Mexican border
Years ago, an engineer named Glenn Spencer bought a little compound on the U.S.-Mexico border from an Arizona farmer who was tired of the drug cartels' shoot-outs spilling onto his land. It became the home base of American Border Patrol, a company that would develop radars, seismic sensors, and drones to police the border -- a job Americans weren't doing, to coin a phrase.
    Spencer, like so many immigration hawks, suffered through years of political disappointment, until he finally found salvation in Donald Trump. For the first time since 1996, he thought, a credible candidate for the presidency was talking about the threats coming across the border. Last month, Spencer appeared on former Arizona Rep. J.D. Hayworth's NewsMax show and invited Trump to personally watch the test of his new triple-threat radar/sonar/seismic detection tech, designed to catch anything unusual crossing the border. It could supplement the border fence that obviously, also, needed to be built.
    "Those that will come can see firsthand the type of technology that is needed to see if the border is secure," said Spencer.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Post Author Visited the Border
Yesterday the Washington Post ran a story that featured a photo of me flying an airplane with the words “GO TRUMP” on the bottom of the wing.
    I explained how that happened here.
    The Post story goes on to say that this was part of a demonstration of the SEIDARM border security system held on August 15.
    The report was fair and accurate.
    I wish to thank Post reporter David Weigel for this excellent story --- made possible in part because he had visited American Border Patrol in 2013 for an article in Slate Magazine.
    In fact, he and Mike King got along very well.
    I hope that this story by what is considered to be a liberal reporter will encourage others to come our border test range to see for themselves that it is possible to secure the border.
    I have invited reporter Weigel to return to ABP so he can see first hand the tremendous progress that has been made since his last visit. I hope he does.