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August 24, 2015

Devastating Drugs Flood Across the Border
Do politicians care?

Left, Ohio victim of heroin. Right, Rep. Martha McSally
NPR -- August 23, 2015   
Ravages Of Heroin Addiction Haunt Friends, Families And Whole Towns
  Marion, Ohio, just north of Columbus, used to be an idyllic place to grow up.
    Kelly Clixby and Beth Carey remember what it was like a generation ago, when they were young.
    "I lived across the street from one of the big parks here," Clixby says. "We would rip n' run all day and all night and come in when the street lights were on."
    "It was just a nice place to live," Carey says.
    Today, Marion is different. It's grappling with a full-blown heroin epidemic, one that derailed Kelly Clixby's life and killed Beth Carey's twin sister.
    This week on For The Record: one small town copes with the ravages of addiction.

WELI -- New Haven
SHOCK CLAIM: Arizona Sheriff Says Mexican Drug Cartels Control American Soil
Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Our Nation Deserves Better
  Rep. Martha McSally (R-Az) was elected to represent the 2nd District of Arizona. Right after being sworn into office, she visited the Mexico border, where she encountered the problem of ultralight aircraft crossing the border with drugs. At the time I wrote a story about her visit --- "Something Amiss Here."
    Two weeks later McSally toured the border with 21 members of Congress.
    During the tour she spotted a solar panel. Asking what it was, the local rancher said: "That's part of Glenn Spencer's sonar system.” McSally said: "I know Glenn --- does it work?" “Yes,” the rancher said.
    The “sonar” system the rancher was referring to is the SEIDARM system. It can detect ultralight aircraft crossing the border and our radar cannot.
    I am totally convinced that SEIDARM could go a long way toward cutting off drugs from Mexico. For the past seven months I, together with others who live near the border, have encouraged Rep. McSally to check out SEIDARM. She did not respond.
    On Sunday, August 16, SEIDARM made the front page of the Sierra Vista Herald --- in Rep. McSally's district.
    This past week a candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives handed McSally a brochure on SEIDARM and told her it works.
    Despite all of this, and despite the fact that Congress has been on vacation for three weeks, Rep. McSally has not felt it important to drive 18 miles from her office in Sierra Vista to see SEIDARM in action --- technology that many say is the best border security system ever invented.
    Our nation deserves better than Martha McSally.