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August 23, 2015

The Customer is Always Right

New York Times -- August 22, 2015   
Why Donald Trump Won't Fold: Polls and People Speak
    In the command centers of Republican presidential campaigns, aides have drawn comfort from the belief that Donald J. Trump's dominance in the polls is a political summer fling, like Herman Cain in 2011 --- an unsustainable boomlet dependent on megawatt celebrity, narrow appeal and unreliable surveys of Americans with a spotty record of actually voting in primaries.
    A growing body of evidence suggests that may be wishful thinking.
    A review of public polling, extensive interviews with a host of his supporters in two states and a new private survey that tracks voting records all point to the conclusion that Mr. Trump has built a broad, demographically and ideologically diverse coalition, constructed around personality, not substance, that bridges demographic and political divides. In doing so, he has effectively insulated himself from the consequences of startling statements that might instantly doom rival candidates.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
The Wisdom of the Crowd
California Proposition 187 (also known as the Save Our State (SOS) initiative) was a 1994 ballot initiative to establish a state-run citizenship screening system and prohibit illegal aliens from using health care, public education, and other services in the State of California. Voters passed the proposed law as a referendum in November 1994. The law was challenged in a legal suit and found unconstitutional by a federal district court. In 1999, Governor Gray Davis halted state appeals of this ruling.
    When I first saw a draft copy of Proposition 187 in 1993, I was opposed to the part that excluded illegal aliens from attending K-12 California schools because I didn't think the people would approve it with that provision in it. I was wrong and the people were right.
    Wikipedia also reports that: “Governor Gray Davis halted state appeals of this ruling.”
    Wikipedia got it right --- when most of the mainstream media don't --- Gray Davis killed Proposition 187 --- not the courts.
    Wikipedia can generally be edited by anyone and is said to be a product of the collective "wisdom of the crowd."
    This wisdom is now expressing itself in broad support for Donald Trump for President.
    Millions of people know better than a handful of politicians that our nation is in mortal danger of being overrun.
    Gray Davis killed Proposition 187 and we lost California. Those who are intent on stabbing Donald Trump in the back, could end up killing the nation itself.