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August 20, 2015

The Great Fence Debate
Can we get the facts straight?

Top: Photo of border fence by Operation BEEF
Bottom: Same location from Google Earth
WTVC- TV -- August 19, 2015   
Experts: Trump's Border Wall Could Be Costly, Ineffective
    Washington -- Donald Trump, the current frontrunner for the Republican 2016 presidential nomination, released his first policy paper over the weekend, proposing 'immigration reform that will make America great again.'
    Trump has faced criticism for negative comments about illegal immigrants, but he has remained at the top of the Republican field in the polls and some of his opponents vying for the party's nomination have adopted hardline positions on the issue similar to his.
    'I actually think it's going to be more symbolic than substantive,' said Walter Ewing, a senior researcher with the American Immigration Council, a non-partisan organization that advocates 'sensible and humane immigration policies.'
    Ewing noted that the approximately 670 miles of fences that have already been built along the border have been breached by smugglers thousands of times. Repairing those breaches requires money and manpower.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Media Blackout Has Costs - and Opportunities
    In the above article, Sinclair Broadcast Group cites a number of experts when reporting on the border fence situation. The expert from the American Immigration Council says we have built 670 miles of fencing on the border. Not true. American Border Patrol mapped the fence and most of it is not fencing at all.
    The expert from the Migration Policy Institute says "the value of a wall diminishes as it gets further away from heavily-trafficked urban areas.” He fails to note that almost all of the real fencing is in heavily trafficked urban areas. In more remote areas the existing fencing has almost no value at all.
    Sinclair Broadcast Group says "Other sections of the border pass through federally protected wilderness and Native American reservations where the Department of Homeland Security's authority to build may be limited. There is also potential environmental damage the wall could cause.” As I reported two years ago, these are non-issues.
    American Border Patrol has been carefully documenting the border fence situation for years, but the mainstream media have refused to report on our work. DHS even stopped the Chairman of a Senate security committee from showing where the fence is but the mainstream media refused to report what happened --- and why.
    Without facts it is impossible to have a rational debate. On the other hand, people like Donald Trump can reveal these facts in a way that can expose the duplicity of the mainstream media, thus helping his candidacy.