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August 15, 2015

Washington Post -- August 14, 2015   
Trump to reveal immigration, tax policy plans next month
    Donald Trump will unveil a series of position papers in early September, he said in an interview Friday, beginning with a plan to address immigration policy that was crafted with the counsel of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), a favorite of conservative activists and an outspoken border hawk. That document will be followed soon after by his proposal for revamping the U.S. tax code.
    "My immigration paper, my tax paper --- they're pretty much done. But I don't want to do them in August. I'll wait until September, when everyone is back, in all fairness," Trump told The Washington Post. "We'll release a number of them. We'll start with immigration and then we'll do tax. Those will be the first two." [...]
    Trump hinted in the interview that part of his immigration paper will concentrate on curbing regulations that might hinder the building a massive, impenetrable border wall.
    "If you look back, everybody, most of the Democrats, they desperately wanted the wall built. They liked the concept of a wall,” he said. “But they couldn't get it built. You know one of the reasons they couldn't build it? The environmental impact statements. They couldn't get through because of the environment. Well, that's what I'm the king of --- I can get things built for half-cost, for one-fourth cost, and it'll be better."

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Get the Facts Straight
    The need for environmental impact statements did not stop border fence construction.
    As reported in the NY Times, the government waived environmental rules for the Secure Fence Act of 2006.
    How else could they have built the fence at Smugglers Gulch near San Diego? If that didn't have an enormous environmental impact, nothing would.
    As I explained in my GovSec West paper, construction of the border fence was halted because of Sen. Hutchinson's amendment which gave DHS discretion over where and what type of fence should be built so long as operational control of the border was maintained.
    The real problem was that DHS didn't accept the definition of operational control in the Secure Fence Act, and we didn't have the means to measure it.
    So DHS put in the kind of fencing it wanted, which was next to useless.
    My recommendations for Donald Trump, or any presidential candidate are the same I gave to Mitt Romney.