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August 13, 2015

Conquest of Aztlan Accelerates
"California is a Hispanic State" -- Who's next?

Washington Times -- August 13, 2015   
In post-recession surge, number of Mexicans in U.S. hits record
    Immigration to the U.S. has recovered from its recession-caused lull and is surging back, led in part by a major jump in migrants from neighboring Mexico, according to a report being released Thursday that suggests Latin Americans are once again coming and staying.
    For several years, the flow had dropped, and analysts said net migration from Mexico was essentially zero --- any newcomers were being offset by folks returning home or by natural attrition resulting from mortality rates.
    But more than 1 million additional Mexicans came and stayed over the past two years, leaving 12.1 million in the U.S. as of June, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank that wants tighter restrictions on immigration. They were part of an overall surge that sent the total number of immigrants of all nationalities to a record 42.1 million.

Glenn Spencer
Mexifornia --- Will Trump Tell the Real Story?
    This week the Sacramento Bee Editorial Board applauded a move by State Sen. Mendoza that "excised the offensive term ‘alien' from the state's Labor Code, a symbolic but telling flourish to new rules that, taken together, offer a national blueprint for dealing with the nation's undocumented population. We applaud him. It's about time.” So now everyone is a Californian - regardless of legal status.
    They also reported that the "the mean-spirited Proposition 187 era” was over." Never mind that Proposition 187 was passed overwhelmingly by voters and was killed illegally.
    Pete Wilson was reelected on the back of 187, but after that Republicans lost their nerve and folded.
    Now comes Donald Trump and his attack on illegal immigration has thrust him to the top of the polls. If he really opened up and told the truth about what happened to California he would probably double his poll standing.